Saturday, December 5, 2009

Inspire's Amazing Impression

The lineup of celebrities with fragrance deals resembles the invitation list for the People’s Choice Awards. There are film stars, TV personalities, pop singers and socialites, all with a marketable image and a thirsty fan base that will lap up every last drop of what these public figures bottle and sell.

Linda Newman, who recently waited in line at a Los Angeles department store to meet rapper 50 Cent and sample his new fragrance, ‘Power by 50 Cent’, announced to the crowd: “I already sprayed it on me.”

When asked if she would be giving her bottle of the men’s fragrance to a husband, boyfriend or brother, she clutched it to her chest. “No. I’ll put it on my shelf and spray it every now and then, and have a reminder of 50 Cent to be there all day.” Newman, 33, also bought Christina Aguilera’s ‘Inspire’, which she also proudly displays on a shelf at home. “I think she’s an incredible person, very deep, very focused, very amazing.”

Source: IndianaExpress

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