Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Julianne Hough on "Burlesque" and Christina Aguilera.

In a recent interview Julianne Hough was asked about Burlesque and Christina Aguilera and here is what she said:
And you're shooting another film with one of your musical idols ...

Yes, I'm filming 'Burlesque' right now, and it's fabulous. It has a huge, amazing cast.
Christina Aguilera, Cher,Stanley Tucci, Eric Dane and Kristen Bell all star in it, and it's just a great film. The storyline is great, and the dancing is phenomenal. And of course Christina sings her butt off in it!

Has Christina given you any tips about the music business?

Absolutely! She knows what she wants, and she's phenomenal at everything she does. I was in the studio with her the other day and I was flipping out because she's been my idol since she first came out, so it was just a really cool experience for me just being there and watching how she works. I was blown away! Her voice is so phenomenal, and hearing her sing these new songs is just amazing.
Source: TheBoot (Credits: AguileraLive)

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