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Ladytron "Black Cat"

UPDATE: After clarification, this instrumental is off of a Ladytron album which as we all know, are collaborators with Christina Aguilera for her forthcoming album, which has yet to be titled. Think of this as an inside look to the work they've done as it allows us to feel the kind of vibe they brought to the table for the new album. ENJOY.

UPDATE: Here is the actual track.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

VOTE for Christina for donning the most fierce body suit wants you to vote on some of 2009’s “best of,” and included is Christina Aguilera in the category of: Who looked fiercest in a body suit? Her competition in the category includes the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Britney.
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Also, don't forget to

Vote for Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics concert as the BEST CONCERT at Madison Square Garden of the 2000's



Christina Aguilera & Max Bratman: Kidnasium Krazy!

Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman play at Kidnasium with their son Max on Friday night (November 27) and then dine out together at Houston’s restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

Australian pop singer Sia recently collaborated with Christina on some new tracks and had this to say: “[Chrstina's] like a porcelain doll. She has the most amazing manicures, the most amazing dressing room — all of my gay friends would f—ing die to go and spend an hour in her dressing room, with her wall of shoes. She’s just a big talent.”

More pics at X17!

Source: JustJared

Friday, November 27, 2009

Christina Screens Phone Calls with Collaborators

Christina Aguilera has a team of four to screen her phone calls with her collaborators.

Aussie songbird Sia, who has written the lead song for the Christina’s new film Burlesque, revealed it was a long process getting started.

She told me: “I went through four different people before I got to speak to Christina on the phone in the first place.”

Now they are firm pals, with the 33-year-old and her bassist creating four songs they believe will be hits for the 2010 release of X-Tina’s new LP.

Sia explained: “Christina is cool. She likes us being normal with her, so it works well.”

Source: DailyStar

Cam Gigandet sporting temporary tattoos for 'Burlesque'

Cam Gigandet enjoys some quality family time with his daughter Everleigh and girlfriend Dominique while having breakfast at Toast Bakery and Cafe in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (November 11).

FYI: Cam’s jeans are RRL and the jacket is Neil Barret, And the temporary tattoos are for his new movie, Burlesque.

Source: JustJared

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Director of "Precious" Expresses Interest in Christina

During an interview with NYTimes, Director Lee Daniels, of "Precious," expresses interest in Christina Aguilera:

Q: You’ve cast hip-hop stars and other musicians in your movies, and they’ve all played against type — Diddy, Mos Def, Eve, Macy Gray and now Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz in “Precious.” Anyone else you want to get your hands on?

A: “I’m interested in seeing what Christina Aguilera can do. I’m interested in Robin Thicke and seeing what he’s all about.”

When Christina met the Strokes: the song that defines the decade...

Looking back at the noughties, Dorian Lynskey examines how a bootleg song, A Stroke of Genius, that never got a legitimate release prefigured all the significant pop trends of the decade

When you're sifting through the ashes of a decade in pop, it's very tempting to search for the Important Statement, the song that best sums up The Way We Live Now. (Here's a drinking game for anyone reading end-of-the-00s round-ups: take a shot every time a record is tenuously related to 9/11.) But the most important records are often the ones that don't know they're important. They flare like Roman candles and burn out quickly and, in that brief window of incandescence, they vividly illuminate a moment in time. So the song that seems to tell me most about the decade just ending is not something off Kid A or Yankee Hotel Foxtrot but the Freelancer Hellraiser's A Stroke of Genius.

In the autumn of 2001 (wait, don't take that shot), a British producer called Roy Kerr, aka the Freelance Hellraiser, spliced together the music from the Strokes' Hard to Explain with the vocal from Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle and named it A Stroke of Genius – even the title seemed magically serendipitous. In the 1980s and 90s, art-minded mashups by the likes of John Oswald and the Evolution Control Committee tended to highlight the smash-and-grab nature of combining well-known songs, producing satire and subversion from the mismatch. They brokered shotgun marriages; Kerr, however, was more of a benign matchmaker, showing two disparate artists how much they really had in common.

Fittingly, the record plays out like a seduction. In her original song, Aguilera is coquettish and controlled, keeping her sexuality on a tight leash until the right guy comes along, and the music reinforces her restraint by maintaining a slow simmer. "My body's saying let's go," she breathes. "But my heart is saying no." In Julian Casablancas's vocal on Hard to Explain there's another inner battle ("I say the right thing/ But act the wrong way") but, stripped of their singer's hesitancy, the band's itchy sexual energy becomes a "let's go" too strong to resist and Aguilera sounds like she's being swept towards a rendezvous that's both dangerous  and delicious.

It's as if the Strokes had heard her line about "hormones racing at the speed of light" and written the music around it. Just before the chorus, her "oh-oh-oh"s swoon into the oncoming embrace of the rising guitars, and the pampered pop princess hooks up with the scruffy hipster from the wrong side of the tracks (never mind that Casablancas was definitely born on the right side: this is pop fantasy, not reality). The combination is so perfect that both original songs, excellent in their own right, suddenly sound incomplete, like two works in progress needing someone to complete them: two genies in different bottles waiting to be rubbed the right way. "Come, come, come and let me out."

As three minutes and 36 seconds of endlessly listenable and danceable pop brilliance, A Stroke of Genius is up there with OutKast's Hey Ya! in the 00s hall of fame (in fact, the two songs can be mixed together with ease) but it also says a lot about what has happened to pop over the past decade. First, there's the means of distribution. A few hundred one-sided seven-inches of Stroke of Genius were independently released, which was enough to provoke a cease-and-desist order from RCA, home to both Aguilera and the Strokes, but almost everyone who heard and acquired the song did so online. Ten years earlier, Kerr's creation would have been a samizdat artefact and you'd probably only have heard it via a tape of a tape of a tape, like copyright-flaunting records by Steinski or the JAMMs, but in 2001 it coincided with an explosion in MP3 blogs and filesharing software. Kerr got a career out of A Stroke of Genius, becoming Paul McCartney's tour DJ and remixer for, among others, Aguilera, but after that initial vinyl run, it didn't directly earn him a penny. Its gratis nature was part of its charm. It showed that illegal downloading could be an outlet for creativity and not just a means of taking for free music that already existed.

Mark Vidier, who made some of the very best mashups under the name Go Home Productions, told the New Yorker: "You don't need a distributor, because your distribution is the internet. You don't need a record label, because it's your bedroom, and you don't need a recording studio, because that's your computer. You do it all yourself." During the early 00s mashup boom, fostered by Eddy Temple-Morris's Xfm show The Remix and blogs such as Boomselection, there were thousands of examples, some so bad they made you doubt the creator's sense of hearing, others so good they were stepping stones to fruitful legitimate careers.

Danger Mouse made his name with 2004's Jay-Z/Beatles soundclash The Grey Album before working with Gorillaz, Gnarls Barkley and Beck. Minor Belgian indie band Soulwax earned themselves a second act via the thrilling mashups they played as their alter ego, 2 Many DJs. And there were dozens of wondrous one-offs. All you needed was one good idea, some freely available software and a basic understanding of how music works and 15 minutes of mashup glory could be yours.

A Stroke of Genius also spoke to a new breed of listener: the voracious hyper-consumer, with MP3s of every song ever recorded at his or her fingertips, whose loyalty is not to a particular scene or style but to the endless quest for the next hit of pleasure, from whatever source. Twenty years ago, there was always one friend who, when asked what he was into, said "a little bit of everything". Now, at least if you're under 35, that friend is you and everyone you know. If the old model of music consumption was the categorised-by-genre record collection, the new one is the iPod shuffle, where old and new, hip and cheesy, rub along just fine.

A Stroke of Genius came out when many indie fans still believed that manufactured pop stank of evil and death, and the idea of Christina Aguilera and the Strokes in perfect harmony was strange. These days there's no contradiction between loving Arcade Fire and loving Britney. In fact, mainstream hits like the Sugababes' About You Now and Kelly Clarkson's Since U Be Gone, blurred the margins,in the style  of A Stroke of Genius, by marrying an  R&B-trained vocal to a Strokesian metronomic chug.

While Sean Rowley's Guilty Pleasures night was busy rescuing Wings and ELO from years of ignominy, a similar process was taking place on a massive scale with new releases. "Do I like this?" superseded "Should I like this?" as the music fan's automatic response to new music. As Jody Rosen wrote in Slate, "Maybe the real guilty pleasure in [the 00s] is gluttony." This utopia of open-minded listening comes at a price – the old tribal tug-of-war that once made the top 40 a gripping battleground of rival factions with occasional guerrilla forays from leftfield; the sense that liking a certain kind of music was crucial to your cultural identity – but most of us now inhabit it, for good or ill.

The third crucial thing that A Stroke of Genius and its ilk did was to forge musical alliances so blatantly. Mashup pioneer John Oswald insisted 20 years ago that "the plundering has to be blatant." His foe was copyright, which he considered a cage around creativity, but the mashup producers applied the same principle to apolitical ends. As pop's history becomes more overwhelming (and, thanks to the internet and reunion tours, ever-present), originality gets harder with every passing year. So instead of copying old bands and hoping the audience either doesn't know or doesn't care who's being imitated, the mashup producers played games with pop's back catalogue, often with more wit and ingenuity: you could argue that Richard X's mashup of Gary Numan and Adina Howard, released legitimately as the Sugababes' 2002 hit Freak Like Me, made more imaginative use of early 80s synth-pop than anything on La Roux's album.

The form reached its manic apex, or perhaps reductio ad absurdum, with the work of Pennsylvanian DJ Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, whose albums suggest the view from a bullet-train window as it speeds past countless pop landmarks. Much of the listener's pleasure derives from recognising the source material and seeing pop as a fluid continuum, teeming with potential connections. Even though the musical mashup has waned, the YouTube equivalent thrives (just ask Oliver Hirschbiegel, the director of Downfall), and recently produced its own answer to Girl Talk with Rev Diva Schematic's The Golden Age of Video, which cuts up famous movie dialogue to form a rhyming lyric.

But, as with Girl Talk, it's both a remarkable achievement and a dead end. Both projects rely on a set of shared reference points, largely from an era when certain cultural artefacts were unifyingly successful, and consume them like a reckless oil driller bleeding a well dry. Pop, and pop culture, can only eat itself for so long before all you're left with is bones.

Little, if any, of this was going through Roy Kerr's head when he thought it would be a cool idea to match up two songs he liked but, in retrospect, they are all threads waiting to be unpicked. A Stroke of Genius is an accidental prophecy, a signpost pointing in an unforeseen direction. It came out during the first throes of enormous changes in the way music is heard and consumed, not all of them entirely welcome or boding well for the future, which makes it all the sweeter that the song is about velocity, ambivalence and the potential danger of surrendering to pleasure. Looking back, it feels like digital music was the genie in the bottle and, now that it's been let out, nobody can put it back in.

Source: Gaurdin

Major Publicity for "By Night"

Here is the video, enjoy.
Many of us remember last years public sampling of Christina's "Inspire" perfume. (View Inspire Campaign Here.)
She had thousands of samples attached to clothes hangers.
Well, they're back! The public sampling was done yet again in Bulgaria in a city called Sofia.
15,000 hangers were used for this.

Here are some photos.
Source: Vesti

Julianne Hough on "Burlesque" ITS AMAZING OMG ITS SO AWESOME!!! @1:48 mark


They are normally the restricting costume pieces of Jane Austen TV adaptations.

But corsets are very much back in the present-day - although they are more likely to be worn over, than under, clothes.

Sales of luxury fashion girdles are up 70 per cent, a Selfridges spokesman said.

The boom is thanks largely to their popularity among celebrities including singers Rihanna and Lady Gaga 'running around town in their knickers'.

Stocks of a £900 handmade feather-fringed corset sold out within 24 hours at the London department store. More of the piece, by Bordelle, were ordered, but the new stock again vanished from shelves within a day.

British designer Alex Popa, who founded Bordelle two years ago, said: 'The items are more flexible than traditional pieces.

'If you are daring enough, you could pair a corset with leggings and go out clubbing or to a party. But they can also be worn in the boudoir.'

Miss Popa says she has created corsets for Lady Gaga and singer Shakira, as well as for Christina Aguilera's new movie, Burlesque.

'The pieces are expensive, but we have had people who have wanted to get stuff from us for some time and they have saved up to buy a piece,' added the 27-year-old.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

“Light & Darkness” NOT confirmed title for new album

Christina Aguilera’s publicist has revealed that “Light and Darkness” is not confirmed for the title of her NEW forth coming album. Nothing at this point has been confirmed, and all titles are speculation.

Credits: ChristinaVIP

Christina to be featured in upcoming issue of Marie Claire.

Quoting ChristinaVIP:
A source has revealed that Christina Aguilera will be featured in an upcoming issue of Marie Claire Magazine. No exact issue date has been confirmed, but keep your eyes open, I don’t think it will be long until it hits stands. The photos accompanying the feature are simple and sexy, and Christina is looking amazing with long locks and a slammin’ body.
Credits: ChristinaVIP

“By Night” Beauty Set

Proctor & Gamble, the force behind Christina Aguilera’s fragrance line, has created a beauty set which includes the new scent “By Night.” The set includes: body lotion, 4 makeup brushes and an embroidered makeup bag. It seems however, the set will only be available internationaly, no word on if it will be sold in US stores.

Credits: ChristinaVIP

Melody from The Pussycat Dolls Sings 'Beautiful'

Cover starts at 1:55
"There will never be another: CHRISTINA AGUILERA."

ChristinaVIP has returned to the WorldWideWeb

Our affiliate, ChristinaVIP, has returned to the WWW. This is a great step forward for our Christina Aguilera movement by strengthening our TEAM!

Glad to have you back on board, ChristinaVIP!

Vote for Christina Aguilera's Back To Basics Concert

Christina Aguilera, March 2007

Seven years earlier, she'd played The Garden as TLC's opening act and led KTU's holiday concert bill, but it wasn't until March 23, 2007 that MSG's stage officially belonged to Christina Aguilera.

Vote for Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics concert as the BEST CONCERT at Madison Square Garden of the 2000's



Sia compares Christina to a Porcelain Doll

Sia Furler gave her opinion on Christina Aguilera's personal maintenance:
“She’s like a porcelain doll. She has the most amazing manicures, the most amazing dressing room — all of my gay friends would f*cking die to go and spend an hour in her dressing room, with her wall of shoes. She’s just a big talent.”
Credits: Tall77

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christina Aguilera worked with Zero7.

The Australian pop pixie is back with a new track, “Under the Milky Way”, that you may have heard recently on a new commercial for Lincoln. It also happens to be a classic ’80’s post-modern cover track from The Church. Sia may be well recognized for her highly successful collaborations with Zero 7; however, she has reached a lot of notoriety as a solo artist. Well, 2010 looks to be a big year for her with the release of her fifth solo album entitled We Are Born, and with some appearances on the soon to be released album by Christina Aguilera. Yes, I said it…Christina Aguilera. Apparently, the two are great friends now since working together on Aguilera’s album, which coincidentally will feature collaborations with Zero 7’s Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker. What a small world.

Source: 101x

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"In Search of the Perfect Diva"

Quoting the LA Times:
"We can go back to the end of the last decade to understand how this particular story has played out in this one. The year 1999 saw the debuts of both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and the release of "The Writing's on the Wall," the breakthrough album for Beyoncé, then the primary member of the group Destiny's Child.
Physically, all three of these women worked variations on the classic bombshell persona, foregrounding their sexuality in ways that played into fantasies that men have long enjoyed and women, however reluctantly, have adopted. Spears and Aguilera were hot ingénues and Beyoncé was a Glamazon in training. But their singing told a different story.

It's hard to remember now, given all her personal ups and downs and her transformation, on recent albums, into a sonic android, but Spears started out in the role Taylor Swift now occupies. Her voice was cute, flawed and highly individual. (Even today, that Louisiana hiccup is impossible to miss, no matter how processed.)

Aguilera had the Perfect Voice, giant in her tiny body. And Beyoncé was a Personality with a Voice in training. An often inaccurate singer in Destiny's Child, she developed her chops along with her image, both growing more formidable with each recording and tour."
To read the ENTIRE article, click HERE.

Source: TheLATimes

'Burlesque' Filming Location!

Click on Image to Enlarge.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary!

L'heureux Anniversaire!
Today, November 19th, 2009 marks the fourth Wedding Anniversary for Christina Maria Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman. They tied the knot in an elaborate 3 day ceremony in Napa Valley California in front of their close friends and family. Here's to a Lifetime of marital Bliss.

Rumor: Christina only wear gloves for her album cover

According to Jeffrey Relf, Christina was photographed only wearing Gaspar Gloves for the album cover.

"I also heard that Christina Aguilera was photographed 4 the cover of her new CD with just Gaspar Gloves on.. guess what, she was! Genius!"

Source: JeffreyRelf (TheStyleDr)

PerezHilton: X-Tina Starts Filming Burlesque.

For those of you who enjoy reading what the self proclaimed 'Queen of Gossip', Perez Hilton, blogs. Well, he had a couple words to say about Christina Aguilera filming 'Burlesque' Here is what he said:

"Let the diva-tude begin!

Filming got underway on Tuesday for the super seksi flick Burlesque.

Christina Aguilera was on set filming a scene where her character packs up and leaves for El Lay to pursue a singing career and eventually gets hired by Cher to work at her burlesque club.

When X-Tina wasn't filming she was closely followed by her own personal umbrella holder to shield away those pesky UV rays.

Hey, she never claimed not to be a diva!"

Source: PerezHilton

Video: Christina at the film set of “Burlesque”


Guys, Sia's songs made the cut! The songs that she had written with Christina will be on Christina’s new album! Plus she wrote a song for 'Burlesque'
@siamusic Did you make the cut in Christina’s Light And Darkness album?
@ivanvanegas yes.4 songs.i don’t know if that is the title though,or when it will be released.we also wrote one for her movie burlesque.
Source: Twitter (SiaMusic)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eric Dane joins 'Burlesque'


"Grey's Anatomy" star Eric Dane has joined "Burlesque," Screen Gems' musical drama which stars Christina Aguilera and Cher.

"Burlesque" centers on the journey of an ambitious small-town girl (Aguilera) with a big-town voice who finds love and success in a Los Angeles neo-burlesque club, reminiscent of the nightclub in Bob Fosse's "Cabaret."

Dane is playing the role of a charming, highly successful businessman who offers to buy out of the burlesque club from Cher and vies for Aguilera's heart.

Dane rounds out a cast that also includes Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigandet, Kristen Bell and Alan Cumming.

Principal photography on the Steve Antin-directed production began last week in Los Angeles. The movie will be released Thanksgiving 2010.

Donald De Line is producing.

Dane, repped by CAA and Management 360, last appeared on the big-screen in "Marley & Me" and will be seen in New Line's "Valentine's Day."


Eric Dane, lately of Grey's Anatomy and last seen on the big screen in Marley & Me, has signed up to join the cast of Burlesque, the Christina Aguilera-story of a small town girl with a big voice who dared to dream of moving to the city and dancing about in her scanties.

The cast also includes Cher as the owner of the burlesque club, Stanley Tucci, Alan Cumming, Kristen Bell and Cam Gigandet as a struggling piano player / bar man. Gee, wonder which of those is the love interest? (For those of you who said Bell, congratulations: like Go West, you're the king of wishful thinking).

Dane will join the line-up as "a charming, successful businessman who offers to buy Tess (Cher) out of the burlesque club and vies for Ali's (Christina's character) heart."

Shooting started on November 9, with Steve Antin writing and directing. For those of you who don't know who he is, he's an executive producer on Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious, one of those shows that teaches girls that clothes are too loose if they don't require extensive use of vaseline to slip them on and off. We're therefore sure that this film will be, as promised, a veritable feminist parable.

HollywoodReporter & EmpireOnline

Simone Harouche Talks Possibilities About Christina's Wardrobe

@simoneharouche Hi Simone I ws wonderin if Christina could wear this 4 her upcomin prformancs or work w them 4 the tour
@Marc_Boom thats very cool! we have discussed working with led and lighting in her wardrobe... stay tuned
Credits: @Marc_Boom & @SimoneHarouche


Having really slimmed down over the past month, Christina Aguilera strutted her stuff on set of “Burlesque” in Los Angeles on Tuesday (November 17).

The “Genie In a Bottle” babe is hoping to impress in her new role - as she was cast along with some heavy hitters in the song and dance community for the musical drama.

Due out in November of 2010, “Burlesque” will be directed by Steve Antin, with Christina’s co-stars including Kristen Bell, Cam Gigandet, Cher and Julianne Hough.

A synopsis via IMDB tells of the plot: “A small-town girl ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer."

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Christina Aguilera hangs in the kitchen with her hubby, Jordan Bratman, and their 22-month-old son, Max.

Douglas Friedman/InStyle Did you ever imagine that "Dirrty" Christina Aguilera could be domesticated? Sure, the Grammy winner still enjoys a night out on the town every now and then, but she seems quite happy being a homebody. And I would, too, if I lived in her beautiful Beverly Hills abode!

The "Genie In A Bottle" singer gave InStyle a tour of the five-bedroom, 11,000-square foot home she shares with husband, music producer Jordan Bratman, and their 22-month-old son, Max.

If you were a fan of "The Osbournes" reality show, you might recognize the Mediterranean-style mansion in the photos below as it used to belong to the Prince of Darkness and his family.

While the colorful home still has somewhat of a gothic feel, Aguilera added a few new design elements to make it her own. Visitors will discover burlesque, Hollywood Regency, and chinoiserie styles juxtaposed with graffiti artwork, Japanese anime, and kaleidoscope rugs.

"I wanted every space to have its own personality," she shares.

Smoky mirrors, crystal chandeliers, a pink-and-black billiards table, and a pair of vibrant rugs by Paul Smith add sophisticated edge and grown-up glam to the game room.

Of course, like most female celebs, Xtina's pride and joy are her two closets.

"Everything on my shoe wall is grouped by designer -- Louboutin, McQueen, YSL -- all in their own little family," notes Aguilera. "And there's room for boots up top." She also has designated areas for her jeans, jackets, coats, skirts, sweaters, and jewelry in the ultra-glam room, which features a chandelier and leopard-print rug.

According to InStyle, "Whimsical furniture, radical art, and an abundance of red roses" makes "a visit to Christina Aguilera's home feel a little like falling down a magical rabbit hole. Which was exactly how she wanted it."

Christina has not one but two expansive closets!

"I wanted a grand bed -- to feel like a queen on a throne," says the singer of her extravagant four-poster bed.

A Lulu Guinness rug leads to the singer's freestanding bathtub. For Aguilera, the bathroom is yet another place to display her found objects --candles, figures, flacons, even a Moroccan side table. "It's an eclectic equation," she says.

Source: Yahoo!

Christina Aguiera: Profile (The A-List)

Source: AguileraLive


'DJ Lance Rock' poses with singer Christina Aguilera and son Max Bratman at the first ever Yo Gabba Gabba! : 'There's A Party In My City' live performance at The Shrine Auditorium on November 14, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

Source: Life

Friday, November 13, 2009

Christina Aguilera Hosting New Year's Eve @ Tao

@SinCityAdvisor Just announced: Christina Aguilera to host New Year's Eve at TAO. from web
@Norm_Clarke Christina Aguilera to New Year’s Eve at Tao Las Vegas. Tickets are currently $150 per person (not including tax/fees) and ... @Norm_Clarke include: entry into the nightclub, open bar and passed hors d'oeuvres from 9-11 pm, and a champagne toast at midnight.

@Norm_Clarke tickets: or (702)414-1000.
Sources: @SinCityAdvisor & @Norm_Clarke

Oprah Winfrey considers Christina Aguilera a Legend.

On a recent Oprah Winfrey show the guest Diane Warren, an acclaimed country singer and song writer, who had worked with a hand full of incredible artist except for one, you guys will know who I'm talking about when you see the video. Oprah said "With many living music Legends like... Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Cher..."

See Video Here:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christina In Nylon - "What America Means To Me"

In the December issue of Nylon Magazine, in stores now, Christina was asked what America means to her and this is what she answered:
"AMERICA MEANS FREEDOM. As an artist, nothing is more important than the freedom to express yourself. To speak your mind. To make choices and more importantly, to have choices. That is why I worked with Rock the Vote on this past election. Because we need to remind Americans what makes America so special. We are so fortunate to live in a country where we can vote for change, and where our voices matter."
Click Here to View the tiny Article.

Source: NylonMagazine

Christina's the most sexiest of EMA History!

On Top 20 countdown of Europe's Music Award's sexiest moments in History, which was aired Europe MTV and Mexico MTV, Christina Aguilera and a number of other very sexy women were on the count down but the best part of the entire countdown was when the #1 spot came on. Can you guess who got the sexiest moment in EMA history? Yeah, that's right! It was none other than the legend, the artist, the song writer, the producer, the actress Christina Aguilera.


New Promo Picture for Stephen Webster!

Click on Image to ENLARGE.

RollingStone's Album and Song of the Decade. Vote!

(This is just a reminder.) GUYS please make sure you that you vote for Christina Aguilera on RollingStones Poll for Album of the Decade (STRIPPED), and for Song of the Decade (BEAUTIFUL).

Click HERE to Vote.
Source: RollingStone

Christina Aguilera Refuses to Use Botox.

Christina Aguilera the singer, 28, refuses to use Botox. Aguilera says she has noticed the effects of aging since giving birth to her son Max, one, and having a severe lack of sleep.

“I take care of my face by doing the usual routine of cleansing and moisturizing,” says Christina.

“I started using some under-eye cream, which is wise considering I’m now 28 so I have to start. I stay as hydrated as possible. I try not to do too many treatments.”

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


One year ago today, Christina Aguilera released, Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade Of Hits. The Greatest Hits album was released to commemorate Aguilera's TEN years in the music industry, which featured four new songs in an already stellar collection from Christina's catalog of hit singles: "Genie 2.0," "Keeps Gettin' Better," "Dynamite," and "You Are What You Are (Beautiful)." Aguilera debuted "Genie 2.0" and "Keeps Gettin' Better" each at the 2008 Video Music Awards in which Christina stole the show. The release was exclusively sold at Target. After examining Christina's career to this point, it really does keep getting better.

Christina's Guest Spot on Project Runway, Broken Down

Quoting SheWired:

On Project Runway, I was enormously pleased to see snarky judge Nina Garcia back in the saddle, but bored to tears by guest judge Christina Aguilera. Seriously, first Lindsay Lohan and now this? At least viewers had "sultan of sequins" Bob Mackie to lend a bit of entertaining levity to the judging panel.

The Challenge: The contestants this week were given the honor of meeting legendary costume designer Bob Mackie, who lists the likes of Cher, Tina Turner and Diana Ross among his celebrity clients. In what should have been a dream challenge for any would-be top designer, Mackie tasks the competitors with creating a stage costume for a superstar pop icon - namely, pop diva Christina Aguilera.

With two days for the design and a red carpet kind of challenge any designer could dream of, I had high hopes for the designs on this episode. Sadly, several designers ended up responding to the stress of actually designing for a celebrity by having complete meltdowns.

The Sticky Part: From now on, no one gets immunity for winning a design challenge. Anyone is fair game to be sent home from this point forward. Which is a bad thing for some of the designers who have barely skated through a few challenges just because they happened to win the previous one.

The Drama Quotient: Gay boy Nicholas was so excited to meet Bob Mackie he nearly passed out, squealing: “This is the best Project Runway moment ever!” As for the rest of the contestants, the nasty commentary continues to ramp up. Irina, entirely full of herself, dissed Shirin nastily - "I just don't know why Shirin is still here... Way better designers than her are out... Her design sensibility is very sort of bargain basement." Later she gives Carol Hannah a tongue-lashing as well, telling her model "The little one, the blonde, annoys the f--- out of me. She's so mediocre."

Tim Gunn - who seems to have been let loose to say whatever the hell he wants this season - dropped a nice one when he launched into a critique of Christopher's design by saying, "Here's my disappointment." He also ripped Shirin a new one by calling her dress "Guinevere meets Vampira" and a "16-year-old's really bad prom" dress. But the best line of the night though came from Nicolas, delivered in a deadpan and hysterically matter-of-fact tone: "Irina's actually a very good designer. The only problem with her is that she's a bitch."

The Middle of the Pack: With half the designers already gone, only one designer was sent backstage before final judging this week. Irina's short black dress and overcoat were nicely made and attractive, but lacking any significant wow factor. The judges deemed it worthy enough to pass her through, but she failed to land in the top three.

The Winners: Althea's long silver-sequined gown impressed the judges, but I personally thought it looked a bit rough around the edges in close-up shots. It certainly was shiny though.

Nicholas' short, ballerina-style dress was cute enough, but a bit too similar to one of his past challenge dresses. Overall, it was also just kind of boring for something meant to be a show-stopping stage outfit. Christina Aguilera, however, seemed to love it - as did the other judges. Granted, Aguilera loves to shake her ass and Nicolas' dress was definitely an ass-shaking kind of outfit.

Carol Hannah, who was one of the designers most freaked out by the challenge, shocked herself by winning the judges' favor and taking the top spot. Her long, black dress plastered with feathers and sequins seemed rather lackluster in my eyes, but I rarely agree with the judges, which is why I'm probably glad I never pursued that dream of being a fashion designer.

The Losers: Cute boy Logan's short, one-shoulder, animal print dress was a bit safe and "cavewoman" as Christina Aguilera said, but was at least good enough to keep him in.

Christopher's nightmare outfit was badly made and screamingly ugly. Those hot pants should be sold with a side of eye bleach. Even Christopher's model looked pained having to wear it down the runway.

Gordana's long cream sheath dress looked like the model was wearing a half-dead fish. Seriously - and what were those weird black things on the front looking like pasted on nipples? Week after week, Gordana just seems to be sinking further into mediocrity.

Sadly, it was Shirin's long, fluff-bottomed dress judged the biggest the hot mess of the evening. Although the top was actually kind of interesting, the bottom looked like it was thrown together out of a rag pile and the judges thought it looked like a bad Halloween costume. Heidi Klum said all it needed to be complete was a "point black hat and a broom." Needless to say, Shirin landed on the bottom and was sent home.

Final Weigh-In: Shirin's dress may have been slightly pathetic, but Christopher's outfit was a disaster. If he doesn't get thrown out on his butt soon, I'll have to lose some serious faith in the judges this season. They keep letting him pass even though he's obviously lacking in skill and taste. Plus, he doesn't even add that much interesting drama or scandal to the show, so it really doesn't make any sense why he's still around. As for the guest judges, I have to heartily applaud the inclusion of Bob Mackie, who was entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Christina Aguilera, on the other hand, was perhaps one of the biggest bores yet to guest on the series. Every time she opened her mouth, I couldn't help but play a soundtrack of "blah, blah, blah, blah" over her words in my head.

Source: SheWired

Christina Aguilera Comes Alive at Night.

Christina Aguilera
says she comes alive at nighttime.

The blonde bombshell feels she only operates at 100% after dark.

“When the sun goes down my whole body starts to come alive, although I am a little different now because I do have a child and my hours have been turned upside down for him, but I’m still naturally a night owl,” said Aguilera, who gave birth to son Max last year.

“If it were up to me my favorite time to work would be between three to four a.m., which is what it used to be before my baby was born.”

Aguilera has previously revealed how motherhood has forced her to change her sleeping habits.

"Now I’m a mother, I am getting up earlier,” she said. “It’s 6am every day but I’m a night owl regardless, which means that, for me, going to bed early means trying to get to sleep by 12.30am.

“My bedtime before I had my child was 3 or 4am, but that’s because I love the night, when everything shuts up and I have a moment to be creative."