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When I was a kid, music was always present at home. From the opera and zarzuela my dad’s always listened to, to typical Spanish music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s listened by my mom and sister every Saturday morning at the big room where the record player is. However, I never seemed to feel any kind of passion towards anything my parents and sister listened to. When I turned 10 in 1997, the first internet connection arrived home. I started searching for some music in English, as I had been studying the language for three years already and I enjoyed it, so I thought it was a good way to hear native accents and learn new words. Along came people like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, and Marvin Gaye. Their music reminded me of what I had been loving ever since I first saw Sister Act and Sister Act 2 back in 1993 and 1995. I followed the lyrics and learned new words. It soon started to become a habit the fact that I only listened to music in English.

This helped me forget a bit what I was going through at school. Only a couple of classmates talked to me but the rest spent the day insulting me and making fun of me. They even plotted against me so I made a total fool of myself. It was tough. As we speak, I still don’t know where all that came from. I guess it was because I was the one who worked harder and got better grades and they felt pressed somehow. I was utterly unable to react, I never answered back, and that made me stop believing in me as an individual… big time. My mom wanted me to visit the school’s counselor and I did so, but it wasn’t of much help. Meanwhile, my dad didn’t seem to care, he didn’t believe in therapists and never sat down to ask me how I was or how I was handling things. I don’t have any memory of him caring about me during this time.

One of those hideous mornings, right before I went to what I used to call hell, I was having breakfast and MTV was on. One of the videos that came on was ‘Reflection’, the main track out of Disney’s Mulan which was performed by a short blonde young girl called Christina Aguilera. I remember that I wasn’t even looking at the TV set when it came on, but, as soon as that girl opened her mouth I thought that it was one of my old souls who was singing, but no, I turned left and saw a white blonde girl singing with such intensity that it gave me goosebumps. I memorized the title of the song and downloaded it as soon as I got back home from hell and listened to it over and over again.

Some months later, Christina released her first single ‘Genie in a Bottle’, and I loved how she was able to pull a strong ballad à la ‘Reflection’ as well as a groovy song like ‘Genie in a Bottle’. On a trip to Madrid with my parents, my sister got me Christina’s first album because she knew I had been following her for some time. When we got back home, I burned it in a cassette as I didn’t have a CD player yet. I used to love doing this as I always spent a long time on the artwork.

One day before my 12th birthday, my sister was ready to tell my parents and I what she wanted to do in the future. She smacked us all on our face when she said she wanted to become a nun. I didn’t expect that but I didn’t mind it either. My dad kept silence, and my mom started crying her eyes out and smashed and ashtray to the floor (she used to smoke back then). I wasn’t sure I understood what was happening, I didn’t think it was such a big deal and I was pretty sure my mom was blowing things out of proportion, but then again, I was 12 and my opinion was not going to be taken into consideration. That was the beginning of another hell, not only did I have to put up with a nightmare at school, but also at home. For months, my parents stopped talking to my sister and not a day went by that I didn’t see my mom crying. My life was a mess, I didn’t feel secure anywhere, from one hell to another. I didn’t know where to run and I had nobody to look out for. I got to a point where I just couldn’t bear to see my mom hurting so badly, and every time I heard her cry I would run to my room and put my Walkman on with Christina’s tape in it so that I couldn’t hear her. I turned the volume up and concentrated on the music and the lyrics hoping it would be over soon. With a rough situation both at home and at school I started suffering from depression soon.

Some years elapsed and along came Christina’s highly anticipated fourth album ‘Stripped’, after the Spanish version of her debut album ‘Mi Reflejo’ and her Christmas album ‘My Kind of Christmas’. I was 15 and nothing had changed much, to be honest. Well, things went a bit better at home with my sister’s decision and she was already in Madrid. My dad kept ignoring or wanting to ignore my emotional state as ‘it was not a big deal and I was probably attaching too much importance to the situation’.

I was very familiar with English then and ‘Stripped’ presented a much different Christina. Lyrics were complex, deep, soft, and sometimes dark. I still had two years ahead before moving to high-school and I hadn’t felt comforted by my mom’s words in all those years. Unexpectedly, I found a group of friends who told me exactly what I needed to hear. Their names were ‘Soar’, ‘Keep On Singin’ My Song’, ‘Fighter’, and ‘Beautiful’. They spoke right to me and showed me the importance of individuality and how I should look at bad experiences thinking that, in the long run, they would make me the person I am today. After school, I used to listen to ‘Stripped’ while my mom finished making lunch. I wasn’t having the brightest days ever straight away but things didn’t look so dark either.

As months went by, I realized that I didn’t care as much as I used to anymore. I literally started to don’t give a fuck about anything around me at school. I studied, got good grades and started to think about how different things would be at high-school and the different options that I’d have at college. Those four friends truly saved me from depressing times, and I started to look at things from a complete different perspective.

In 2006, I was probably having the best time in my life so far. I was in Salamanca in my first year of college. I finally decided to major in English, actually. Everything at high-school went great, I had a blast and I had the chance to make real friends. 2006 was quite a big year in terms of getting to know myself. I’d been knowing for quite some time that there was a piece that didn’t seem to fit in me. I wasn’t sure what that piece was or how I should place it within the overall scheme of my persona. That year I finally realized that that piece that didn’t seem to fit in was the fact I was gay. Honestly, it was not hard for me to learn to accept myself, as I saw that I kept doing the same things as before: I went to class, I met my friends, I listened to music, I went to the movies… nothing suffered a big change. It’s something that I’ve never hidden, my classmates at college were completely cool with it and my friends from high-school were very supportive from the beginning. Even my sister who, as a nun, anybody would think she’s supposed to have a conservative perspective towards this kind of issues.

On summer 2006, I went back home for the summer. For my parents nothing had changed since the day I left home to start college, but for me, a lot had changed. I felt more complete and more aware of who I was. Though I never had to fight against accepting myself as many do, I was deeply wounded inside because I knew that my parents were never going to understand and support this side of me. I didn’t feel the necessity to tell my dad, because, as you’ve previously read, I never felt consistently bonded to him. So this was just another thing he had no idea about. Nevertheless, the situation with my mom was way different. I was used to telling her absolutely everything, even the most insignificant things, so not telling her this was taken by me as a sort of betrayal.

In August, 2006, Christina released ‘Back to Basics’ a throwback to the old soul and jazz which immediately brought me to my gospel roots. This album was more positive and cheerful than ‘Stripped’. It was a celebration of love and how everything looks perfect when you’re with that someone that ticks all the boxes. This throwback brought my mind back to the late 90s, and I realized that I hadn’t changed that much whatsoever and it also woke the passion in me to find that ideal person to share unforgettable moments with. It was beautiful to know that I maturing together with Christina.

The worst part of all the coming out process was feeling that I was betraying my mother. As any mother out there, she had pictured the brightest future for her kids: a good husband for my sister and a good wife for me, a good job, and many grandchildren to spoil and look after while mommy and daddy wanted to spend some time alone. Well… it was nothing like it. After all, it was my sister’s decision to become a nun, but it was not my decision to be gay. I never decided to be that way, so it was tremendously tough to know that I was going to hurt my mom with something I could not control. I felt bad, really bad. All her expectations towards my sister had crumbled and I’m sure she expected me to meet them.

I was a very desired baby. A year before I was born, my mom gave birth to another baby boy. His name was Damián as well, but he died only two days after being born due to heart problems. You can imagine the pain of a mother after witnessing her own baby die. I truly believe that’s the most painful experience anybody can go through. So yes, when my mom learned that she was pregnant with me she immediately went out of the depression she threw into after my brother died. I can say that, due to those special circumstances, I was a spoiled child to a certain extent.

The day I came out to my mom I was having lunch with her and my sister. She told me she was going to help me handle the issue. I didn’t tell her straight away, I told her ‘I wasn’t sure about my sexuality’. She figured out the rest… She didn’t even care about how I was gripping the situation. All she had to say was ‘Don’t tell your dad, you’d kill him’ and ‘God has punished me with my children’. This last quote was especially painful as I couldn’t believe she didn’t appreciate the fact that my sister and I had always gotten alone, been responsible, gotten good grades, and been respectful to others. All she cared about was the fact that she had a nun daughter, and dead son, and a gay son.
After reading the last two paragraphs, you now have a wider view of all that I had been carrying for years. I never ever told anybody about this, not only was it too painful, but also I knew that nobody was going to be of much help really. But something was constant, the presence of Christina in my life. With ‘Stripped’ she helped me believe in my individuality and she taught me how I must not care about belonging to the mass. God made me this way for a reason, and there’s always a path for everybody. So since then I think that God’s getting me ready for something big. With ‘Back to Basics’ she gave me all the positivity I needed and woke in me the desire to find someone who loved me for me. ‘Back to Basics’ made me realize how important it is to be true to oneself, Christina never did what people expected her to do. She did what she believed in. And that is something I’ve been following ever since. She was real, humble, and talented. She was my strength to carry on every morning when the sun was not shining outside.
Better days came, not right after, but I learned to channel all these issues. With ‘Bionic’ I was ready to get rid of that pain and finally enjoy the person I had become. It couldn’t have been released at a better time; I was ready to have fun. There’s still quite a journey ahead, and I know that, as long as I have Christina to look out for, everything will be fine.

When I talk about Christina Aguilera I talk about a friend, a friend who never turned away when I needed her, a friend who always had the right words to say, and a person who is to blame for half the way I am now. My devotion for her goes beyond liking her as an artist, her songs, her performances… I admire her as a human being. Christina is one of my best friends, I get happy for her and I suffer for her. In other words, I LOVE Christina Aguilera.


Kristen Bell has praised her 'Burlesque' co-star Christina Aguilera for her commitment and studious approach to the film.

Kristen Bell has praised her 'Burlesque' co-star Christina Aguilera's commitment for her commitment on set.

The 30-year-old screen beauty - who plays bad girl dancer Nikki in the musical film alongside Christina and Oscar-winning actress Cher - was impressed by the studious approach of the singer-turned-actress, who made her big screen debut in the project.

She told BANG Showbiz: "It made me feel like I had the home court advantage. It made me feel comfortable. But the reason why Christina is the way she is, is because she is fearless and she jumps into everything wholeheartedly and that's exactly what she did.

She said: "I don't know what I'm doing and I'm here to learn,' and that's exactly what she did, she studied the entire time and was just wonderful."

Kristen believes the 'Dirrty' hitmaker was perfect for the role of small-town girl Ali who becomes a dancing and singing star because of the similarities to her own life.

She said: "Only Christina could have played this. This was about a girl who knew that she had a gift and it was absolutely necessary that she shared it with the world. She heard herself sing when she was five years old and had to share it."

Source: Contact Music

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It's the time of year when stocking sales are going through the roof anyway.

But it's the sexy - not Christmas - variety that have been flying off the shelves thanks to Christina Aguilera and her new film Burlesque.

Sales of suspender belts rocketing according to one of Britain’s biggest lingerie companies.

Gossard say they have sold 65 per cent more of the garments this year - and they're putting it all down to a new burlesque craze.

Tony Jarvis, managing director of Gossard, says the burlesque boom has led to a surge in the popularity of vintage style lingerie in general.

He said: “There is most definitely a rise of interest in old school glamour in lingerie with a modern twist which is encapsulated in this revival.

“Suspenders have always sold well both on the website and in the shops for years, but the recent demand from women of all ages has been phenomenal."

“It has been a Christmas of stocking thrillers rather than stocking fillers and customers have shown that there is more than one way to keep out the cold.”

Source: OK Magazine

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Editors Note:
This is a great cover from a great person. Sam Northwood is very talented! I love this guy! Keep on singing her songs man! Much Love.


London, Dec 25 (IANS) When many would have expected her to gift toys to her two-year-old son for Christmas, pop star Christina Aguilera has bought a coffee-maker for him instead.

The 'Genie in a Bottle' hitmaker says there couldn't have been a better gift for her child, Max.

'He loves pretending to make mummy's coffee. It's very cute! So for Christmas I'm getting him this children's coffeemaker,' Aguilera has been quoted as saying by


Christina Aguilera’s last photoshoot in her 20s was the one she did with Andrew Macpherson. As a result, a couple of nice outtakes from that session have now surfaced. I recognise some of them from her People feature, and some were used in the Russian Cosmopolitan.

As ever, the 30-year-old does it best when she does natural. She is still wearing make-up of course, but the colours used are very light. That kind of look works the best on her methinks. Neat.

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JULIANNE Hough says it was “intimidating” starring alongside Cher, Christina Aguilera and Stanley Tucci in new movie Burlesque.

“It was intimidating, but to have them be such genuine, sincere and amazing human beings made the intimidation go away. Yes, I was nervous at first, but it switched over to friendship really quickly,” she said.

“My scene with Cher in the bathroom was the most memorable moment. The things she said to me were like, wow.

“Afterward I ran and wrote about it in my journal. I also got to go to Christina’s house and sing in her studio, which is so cool because I grew up idolizing her.”

Source: Showbizspy


Much like the Daily Mail we couldn't keep our eyes off Xtina's x-rated X-Factor performance. But the real glory was seeing her at the Burlesque premiere. Apparently Golden Globe judges were flown to Vegas and serenaded by Cher to cajole them into nominating the film. GQ would have just introduced them to her "mutant-lunged" protégée while she was in this dress.



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Needless to say, the success means Jessie's songwriting skills are in big demand but she also wants to concentrate on her own material.

She said: "I was sent a beat that I was told was Britney's first single and I was asked to write a pop line on it. To be honest, I don't think I'll get it because it has probably been sent to some incredible people.

"I am being sent stuff to do for Willow Smith. I would love to do a song with her though I think she would show me up because she is amazing and would have an incredible hairstyle. You can't get cooler than her. Look at her mum and dad.

"Christina Aguilera's camp are asking me to do stuff and the X Factor camp, ie. Matt Cardle.
"But at the moment, I want to save some songs for me."

Source: DailyRecord


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  • 1943 – Keith Richards, English guitarist (The Rolling Stones)
  • 1946 – Steven Spielberg, American film director
  • 1954 – Ray Liotta, American actor
  • 1956 – Ron White, American comedian
  • 1963 – Brad Pitt, American actor
  • 1970 – DMX, American rapper and actor
  • 1975 – Sia Furler. Australian singer
  • 1978 – Katie Holmes, American actress
  • 1980 – Christina Aguilera, American singer







EIGHT years ago Christina Aguilera sang about being a fighter on her smash hit album Stripped. The Mickey Mouse Club alumni, who shared the stage with fellow cookie cutter kids Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake back in their pre-teen day, had the right to make the claim as a battler.

Her violent father and difficult childhood seemed to set her apart from other pop princesses and gave her a soulful edge that helped shift 50 million records and make her one of the top selling artists of all time.

But with a happy marriage to producer Jordan Bratman in 2005, followed by the birth of their son Max two years later, her fighting years seemed to be behind the petite blonde with the huge voice.

Today her boxing gloves are sadly back on when we meet to discuss her new project, the film Burlesque.

Her first big screen movie, Aguilera plays a small town gal making her way in Sin City at a high end strip joint. It's poignant that her first screen role be that of a woman struggling to keep her life together at a time when Aguilera's music career is at its lowest point - her last album Bionic's sales were underwhelming and it's the first record she hasn't received a Grammy nomination for - not to mention the recent announcement of her divorce from Bratman.

Unwilling to delve into the reasons for her recent split with Bratman - in true Hollywood style they cited irreconcilable differences - Aguilera is circumspect about the timing of this new direction in her life.
"I definitely changed making this movie," she says. "There was a lot that I learned about myself professionally and personally. I grew wings for the first time, and felt more independent than I have for a very long time.
"My character Ali is not about entourage and posse, so I didn't want anybody around either. I wanted to feel open, vulnerable and fresh to the experience."
From her first pop hit, Genie in a Bottle, back in 1999, until now, the world has seen Aguilera grow from a fresh-faced pop star into one of the most established music acts in the world. But despite her enormous success, she admits that she's still finding her way.
"Lord knows I would not want to be 20 years old again," she laughs. "You do a lot of growing from 20 to 30, and I turn 30 on December 18.

"I've had many realisations about who I am, what I want out of life, and what needs to happen at this time of my life to be happy."
One of the things making her happy is two-year-old son, Max, and the native New Yorker admits that motherhood changed her more than her fame and fortune ever could.
"I think that when you have a baby, you make more sense of yourself," she says.

"Once you stop the breast-feeding, and your body is yours again, you experience a new beginning as a woman, and start to feel more comfortable in your skin."
Max travels everywhere with her and, like every other mother in the world, she has to fight to balance work with home life.
"It's definitely challenging, but Max is well taken care of because of the hard work that I do," she says. Max was on set while she was filming Burlesque, and also with his famous mum when she first met Cher.

"I was nervous to meet her at first because I wanted to make sure I was a least wearing high heels," giggles the 1.56m star. Cher is 1.74m. "But I walked into dance rehearsals one day wearing my flats, and I had my baby in my arms, and there she was.

"I just didn't feel cute enough to meet Cher. It wasn't fair."
She needn't have worried as Cher immediately made Aguilera feel at ease.
"Cher gave me priceless amounts of advice, both personally and professionally, and became over time like an old girlfriend," she reveals. "She's open and genuine, and a real lady. We had a funny exchange that first meeting because the producers had sold her the movie by saying, 'Christina would drink your bathwater if you do the movie'. So I said, 'I'm the one who wants to drink your bathwater'. She couldn't have been sweeter. She gave me a big hug and said, 'I'm glad you're here'. She really welcomed me to the world of acting."
Aguilera wrote a handful of the songs on the soundtrack, and also performed in many of the spectacular dance numbers, but glamorous though they looked, it really was a case of no pain, no gain. The dancers even had a special spray tan room at the studio to hide their bruises.
"I got so bruised. I bruise easily anyway, so on this film, cover-up was my best friend," she says. "There's a moment in the Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend number where I whip this strand of diamonds around, and while I was learning how to do it properly I would whip myself silly. I just beat the crap out of my legs. It was brutal."
So, will Christina be looking for any more film roles?
"Oh absolutely, I really enjoyed it," she says. "Music will always be my first love but I'm reading more scripts at the moment. I definitely feel that I'm starting a new chapter in my life."
Burlesque is released in January

Source: DailyTelegraph

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Turning 30 marks an incredible milestone in Christina Aguilera's life. Looking back on her illustrious career, she has made leaps and bounds in her never ending list of achievements.
  • An entry into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame
  • Being featured on the Grammy walk of fame for her 'Best New Artist' Grammy of 1999
  • 5 Grammy's
  • Single handedly won over 110 awards worldwide
  • Four #1 Singles (Spent 16 weeks)
  • Five #1 Albums Worldwide
  • Two #1 Albums In The US
  • One #2 Album In The US
  • One #3 Album In The US
  • Three #1 DVD’s
  • Over 60 Million Albums & Singles Sold Worldwide
  • 2nd Biggest Selling Single Sales Artist of the Decade (Behind Madonna)
  • The highest paid performer for private parties
  • Over 200 Million Tour Revenues
  • Over 100 Platinum/Multi-Platinum Certifications Worldwide
  • Spokesperson of Over 20 Products & Brands Worldwide
  • 2007 Top Grossing Female Tour (Back To Basics Tour)
  • 1997 USA’s Representative In The Golden Stag International Festival In Transylvania, Romania
  • Estimated Worth of 60 Million (as of January 2007)
  • 21 #1 Singles Worldwide
  • Over 320 Magazine Covers Worldwide
  • Best-Selling Maxim Issue Ever (January 2003)
  • Best-Selling Allure Issue Ever (August 2006)
  • 2003 & 2004 Highest Earning Celebrity Endorser in Europe
  • Headlined 5 Major Concert Tours
  • Contributed a Song in 9 Movie Soundtracks, Including the 1998 Golden Globe nominee for “Best Original Song”, Reflection.
  • Launched 5 Fragrances in her name including the FiFi Awards “Best Celebrity Perfume” Christina Aguilera
  • “Back To Basics”, Biggest Seller In The SoundScan Era for a Female Artist
  • Honored by GLAAD Media Awards for her Positive Portrayals Of Gay in the video “Beautiful”.
  • Honored by Variety at the 1st Annual Power of Women Luncheon for her work in behalf of World Hunger Relief.
  • Starred in some important public sevice ad.
  • UN Ambassador for WFP
  • Raised a record breaking 22 million dollars in World Hunger Relief
  • 2010 honorary recipient of her Hollywood star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Nominated for two Golden Globes in 2010 for her contributions to 'Burlesque'
  • + Many More...
Congratulations, Christina! God has truly bestowed upon us a truly remarkable woman. We can't wait to see what the next ten years brings us! It's been an incredible journey and honor following your effervescent career. We love you, with the bottom of our hearts.

~ Joel & Karlos

(A special thank you to Merlito for compiling this unbelievable list of accomplishments)



Christina Aguilera put her whole heart and soul into her acting debut in Burlesque.

The Grammy award-winning songstress portrays wannabe burlesque star Ally in the musical, which also stars Cher and Stanley Tucci.

"I wouldn't say anything was a day off to be honest, I wish it was - I would have really loved that - but with acting, it was my first film so I really tried to give myself whole-heartedly," she said.

Christina, who is up for a Golden Globe following her performance, added: "Putting myself completely on hold for Ally [was challenging], I definitely am used to coming from a world where I am able to express myself through songs, vocals, poetry, and having the time to do so and focus on myself as an artist - to write in my journal at least.

"I found it very neglectful of myself while I was doing the movie and I would get very rambunctious. I had a lot of pent up energy, because I was neglectful of myself, when I wasn't being Ally on camera I was really antsy. It is two completely different worlds."

For the Beautiful singer, Burlesque "spoke to" her.

"It was just a matter of waiting for the right thing to come along. When I found out it was set in modern times and I'd be given a chance to modernise the music, then I knew it was a role that was meant for me," she said.

Source: PressAssociation







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They interview Christina which will air this Sunday in which she talks about Madonna, Cher, who gave her the opportunity to become a singer, inquired about her career, mean spirited people, Burlesque, her closet, and her shoes. Make sure to catch it!


As we reported earlier today, this year’s X Factor series has been the most complained about show in ITV history – notching up an impressive 5,000 angry rants.

The latest thing to give watching X Factor viewers the grump has been the ‘overly raunchy’ dance routines that featured in performances by superstars Christina Aguilera and Rihanna during last weekend’s grand X Factor finale.

Christina Aguilera sang a track from her new movie, Burlesque, accompanied by a handful of scantily clad ladies. At the London premiere of the film the 29-year-old singer hit back at critics, saying that, "I don't think there is such a thing as too raunchy when it comes to the art form of burlesque. It's very empowering to women to feel confident in their own skin and in their bodies and this represents that. Everyone in the spotlight is judged and there are many opinions out there, but I stick true to what I believe in."

What do you think heatworlders? Was Christina Aguilera’s X Factor performance an empowering one, or was it a little bit too raunchy for your liking?

Source: Heat World