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Sia is the friend you never knew. Lexapro, butt sex, compulsively lying - she doesn't even know us, and we heard it all, oftentimes laced with thunderous bursts of shrill laughter. It's way cute.

Best known for "Breathe Me," the send-off song to the "Six Feet Under" series finale, the queer prog-pop Aussie's dropped three solo albums and a DVD - "TV is my Parent," released in May. One of her biggest fans happens to be one of the world's biggest stars: Christina Aguilera, who tapped Sia for a handful of collaborations on the "Dirrty" singer's upcoming album.

Sia's also wrapping up work on her own LP - "the best thing I've ever done," she gushes. Between recording sessions, the human energy drink told us about her take on being a "woman," having game night with Aguilera and how the hardest years of her life produced the happiest album of her career.

I know you've been super busy with the recording of this album, but also you were working with Christina Aguilera for a bit.

Yeah, hello!

A huge gay icon.

She's really fun. You would love her.

Yeah? I read a blog post that you wrote regarding what went on behind the scenes, like drinking milkshakes, grammar lessons -

And how I wanted to eat her child like corn on the cob (laughs). I still do.

Sounds like it must've been a fun recording experience.

It really was. It was so fun. She's a really nice person. I'm going over their house to have game night some time. It's gotta be an odd day, because now I'm trying to get fit so I've got a personal trainer. I'm in Hollywood now, recording the album with a personal trainer. It's hilarious.

You've hit the big time.

I'm really, really moving up in the world. So I'm going over (to Aguilera's) one night next week when I don't have to get up early with the personal trainer the next day, because she's a bit of a night owl, so I know it'll probably end up being a late one. She has Super Mario in her house. She has a game room that has arcade games in it and a pool table and stuff. I think when you're that famous, it becomes sort of a necessity. If you were gonna go on a fun excursion, if you're as famous as her, it's sort of impossible without the paparazzi or fans wanting your attention. In her case, it was a smart move to build a room in the house for that sort of thing (laughs).

I would totally have the same if I were famous.

Yeah, if I was that famous, and if I could afford it, I would build several restaurants in my house with different themes, and probably a dog park and a Pinkberry (Frozen Yogurt). Maybe a board game haven, with Taboo, Scrabble -

I love word games.

Are you on Facebook? Do you play Word Twist or Scrabblicious?

No, but I am on Facebook. I'll have to check those out.

Oh, it's so good. You should. You should challenge your friends to a game of Twirl or Scramble. You can play yourself - or you can play random people you don't know, but I think that's kind of like sleeping around.

I'd still do it.

I totally do it. I don't know why, but I do (laughs).

So the material that you wrote for her, is it happy or depressing?

It's a bit of both. It's kind of more ballad-y. There's one really beautiful kind of mid-tempo; I guess that's the one they're thinking might be a single. I have a couple of favorites, but my favorite is kind of like a lullaby. I don't remember what we're calling it now, but we wrote it for her son, and it's really beautiful.

Aw! Cute.

So beautiful. It's like classical music beautiful. And another one that's called "You Lost Me," which is very sad and awesome. It's my favorite thing to hear her sing since "Beautiful," just the way her voice is. It suits her voice so beautifully, and it's very simple in a way.

A lot of gay people, including myself, love "Beautiful."

Me too. That was why I nearly shat my pants when they called and said she wanted to work with me. I was like, "Ahhhhhh!" That's one of my favorite songs that anybody has ever wrote in the whole universe.
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"I'm constantly being inspired by them and getting ideas for my tour concepts, lighting, etc."
-Christina Aguilera

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Millions and millions of fans always write Christina and ask her questions hoping that she would respond to their questions but they just never get answered.Well, here is our chance to actually have our questions heard and possibly answered on AIR!

Have a question for Christina?
Want to request a song?
Want to tell her what you think of her station?

Send her an email:
Or, call 1-866-686-1010. Your message could be played on air!


NEW YORK — You'll be hearing more of Christina Aguilera's voice on the radio soon, but it won't be in the form of a song. Instead, the pop singer will work as a DJ.

Aguilera's very own radio station is set to debut Friday. The 24-hour online channel will be distributed across Clear Channel Radio's "iheartradio" network, and will feature interviews, news, personal commentary from Aguilera as well as her favorite tunes.

"It stands across so many different feels and genres from A Tribe Called Quest to the Beatles to Billie Holiday to Bjork to Black Sabbath, Jay-Z," she said in a phone interview from Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The new radio venture, A.P.E. Radio (Artist Personal Experience), will also launch The Eagles' own channel Friday, to be hosted by guitarist Joe Walsh. Weezer's station is set to launch next month.

The radio station is not the only project she's working on. Aguilera, a 28-year-old mother to a 1-year-old son, is also working on a new CD and has signed on to do a movie with Cher; both are due to be released next year.

The Associated Press: How does a radio channel fit you?

Aguilera: In the beginning when I make my CDs, I make inspiration record-CDs and I hand them out to all the producers that I am looking forward to working with. And I hand out these CDs and at the end of the day it's funny because all the producers, or a lot of the producers, are like, "Wow, you should be a DJ." It's a really great mix of songs, and they're so different and eclectic and that's my style in general.
AP: Will you premiere your new music on the channel?

Aguilera: Possibly. I'm really, really excited to release some of my new music and this is actually a great way to let my fans hear maybe a little sneak preview.
AP: You're working on electronic-futuristic pop. Why that sound now?

Aguilera: I kind of had an idea for a futuristic feel for many years now, but I also had that idea that I wanted to do a soul, blues and jazz record also. But I knew I had to do that one first ... It's always been in the back of my mind to do a more futuristic sound. But I felt like it couldn't been a better time or place for me personally also as a new mom.

AP: While you're creating your new CD, are you paying attention to what's on the radio now?

Aguilera: No, that was the funny thing too. I did start to notice that music did start to take a more electronic turn ... But I really don't pay attention to what's going on out there because I want everything I do to have a very original feel. I wanted to keep a good balance of future but still mix it with a very real and believable sound.
AP: Now that you have a family, have you had any issues with paparazzi?

Aguilera: We moved into our new house about a year ago but since I started working on the record, I have a studio in the backyard ... and it just has been so perfect for me to just wake up in the morning, put on my flip flops and sweat pants, and just go back in the studio and pretty much get into my creative cave and zone out that way, so it's been really convenient. So the paparazzi have probably been upset with me. I know they told my husband, they're like, "Is she every going to leave the house?"
AP: Talk about your new film "Burlesque."

Aguilera: I finally believed in a movie enough and a script enough, and a director enough to sign on and do my first feature film. Cher will be starring with me, so it's very exciting for me to step into that project and I'll be taking it very seriously so that's actually what I am diving into filming over the next few months.
AP: What comes to mind when you look back at how your career has gone so far?

Aguilera: I keep trying to test myself and try new things because at the end of the day, I want to look back at a huge body of work and be so excited ... I never like to get too comfortable because I think that's when you start to really fail, when you start believing your own hype so I'm always very reserved in my own praise of myself. ... I always try to shoot for bigger and better basically.


After there were several reports that Christina's Radio channel was going to debut today it has now been confirmed that her Radio Channel won't debut until tomorrow, on the 31st of July.

I woke up early for nothing! SHIT!

Christina Aguilera Radio will now officially launch this Friday, July 31 at 6am PT, 9am ET.

That just came from management.

Credits: Official Forum

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Christina's radio show launches tomorrow morning at 6a.m. Pacific/9a.m. Eastern.

Tune in:


According to a moderator in Christina’s official forum, it starts July 30!


Yes, launch date is for the 30th.
UPDATE: The Weezer A.P.E. radio station launch has been pushed back to the end of August – we will update when we have the exact info. But its gonna be rad!

Credits: VoiceWithin & Juan


Hey guys this is just a quick "where to" listen to Christina's new station. Go to and on July 30th it will air... This is a very cool station and the neat thing about it is that there is an app for your iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry's and more!!! So, don't forget that tomorrow, July 30th, Christina's radio show will air. So, be ready to listen to the legend!

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Christina has inspired so many artists but the newest to the list is non other than Ashley Tisdale. Below is what Ashley had to say about how Christina and other artists inspired her to write her new Album.
Ashley says her 2007 debut album Headstrong was “me getting to know myself as an artist and learning about the whole [recording] process,” whereas with her new release, Guilty Pleasure, “I knew exactly what I wanted.”

Guilty Pleasure “is a little more edgier and mature than the first one. It’s a reflection of where I am in my life right now. It’s a little more guitar-driven a little more pop rock, but it’s fun—it’s upbeat.” “I got inspired by Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Gwen Stefani—they all did their own thing and with each album they’re always changing, so you’re always interested”

Ashley co-wrote “What If” with American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi and says it’s her most personal song. “It’s about when you’re in a relationship, how you’re always fighting to make it work,” she says. The song asks, “if I really needed you, would you be there for me?” Kidzworld wanted to know if “What If” was written for someone in particular. “It was,” Ashley says, but will she tell us who? “No,” she laughs—guess it’s up to the fans to figure that one out!
Source: UStream


Artist Personal Experience (APE) Release date is...


Guys, amazing news! Christina's personal radio show, APE, is going to air in two days, on July 30th! It's official and has been posted on her official forum.

Credits: LiveDaily

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This time around Christina has been working with so many people these past couple of months on her NEW forth coming album but there are only 2 people that we can count on to at least give us some info about it. These past couple of days Sia has twitted about how she has been at Christina's house, watching movies, and she even got to listen to her NEW CD. The only thing is that she isn't allowed to give us any info about besides letting us know that it is going to be GOOD AS FUCK!

Read Sia's Tweets below:

Sia via Twitter:
off to christina's for coraline in 3D. but first some reflexology. amanda is kicking my arse up and down those stairs.ouch.(but no kicking)
Sia via Twitter:
hi,i'm not allowed to say anything more about xtina's record. i'm not trying to be disrespectful.sorry to the 412 people i couldn't reply to
Come on SIA tell us something!


Pop singer Pink, not one to shy away from controversy has walked into another storm by claiming the Christina Aguilera eyes out women and told her herself once that she wouldn't mind a fling with troubled celebrity Lindsay Lohan.

'You know she said something like, 'I could get it on with her any time and you just so knew she meant it.' Singer Pink was quoted saying.

Lindsay Lohan has shrugged off the remark but some say has left the door open 'She knows where live' she is reported to have just been joking.

Friends of Christina Aguilera have laughed off the comment 'It is absurd, the very heterosexual Christina is involved in a relationship with a man and is currently concentrating on being a mother! I couldn't think of anything less of interest to her' One noted.

'Pink is once again trying to get attention, she has always been jealous of Christina's looks and is once again trying to bait her' one noted.


Guys I'm not confirming this yet because we have been tricked and given misleading information thus far but according to this website [] Christina's New Album, entitled Light & Darkness, will be released on September 25, 2009!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Brand spanking NEW tweets about Christina's New Album.
Can't fucking wait anymore.

A CHANGE is coming REAL soon!

Sia Furler via Twitter:
Just got home from Xtina's and holy fuck her new album is gonna be soooooooo goooood!!
Tiana Brown via Twitter:
@siamusic I can't wait!!!!!! I'm ready! I know she's gonna kill it. You guys are a perfect match.
Source: @SiaMusic

Friday, July 24, 2009


Los Angeles, CA - July 2009… Known for her exceptional vocal ability, bold approach to music videos, and her ever-changing image, multiple Grammy® Award winning singer/songwriter Christina Aguilera is one of the most successful recording artists of the decade, selling more than 42 million albums worldwide. Ms. Aguilera is, once again, in the studio—working on tracks for her next album. Aguilera’s personal studio is filled with a stunning assortment of world-class recording equipment and, like all artists, she and her creative staff rely on their reference monitors to make critical decisions about her recordings. To ensure that no detail is overlooked, Aguilera and her team look to Equator Audio Research for the accuracy so essential when making a high profile recording.

Recording engineer Oscar Ramirez is one of the key members of Ms. Aguilera’s creative team. Ramirez, who works primarily in the hip hop / R&B genre and has credits on two of Aguilera’s most well-known albums— Stripped and Back to Basics—equipped Aguilera’s studio with a pair of Equator Q15 studio reference monitors and two Q18S subwoofers.

Having spent the better part of the past eight months working with the Q Series monitor system, Ramirez has high praise for the equipment. “Ms. Aguilera’s forthcoming record spans a variety of musical styles,” said Ramirez, “so it was really important that our monitor system be equally capable of handling anything we send it, and that’s where the Equator system shines. Stereo imaging is amazing with the Equator setup—it’s wide and very defined. When you’re in the sweet spot, it’s as though the individual instruments are on stage right in front of you. The ability to hear subtle changes in positioning is one of the real strengths of this system. Also, the frequency response is excellent. It delivers a low end that is very natural with good definition, while the high end is crisp and clean without being harsh. This is an extremely musical monitoring system.”

Presently, Ramirez and the crew are recording tracks and, for this, he believes the Equator Audio Q15’s and Q18s subwoofers are the best possible choice. “The accuracy of the Q15’s is unparalleled, states Ramirez. “With these monitors, you hear exactly what you recorded, so it’s a great choice for deciding whether or not the track is a keeper. We tend to monitor pretty loudly when we’re tracking and, here too, the Equator Audio setup is right on the money. You can play them loud and they remain extremely accurate. Likewise, you can still hear the details at lower levels. Best of all, you can sit in front of these monitors for hours without experiencing ear fatigue.”

“The Q15’s sound great right out of the box,” Ramirez continued, “but when you calibrate your control room for the speakers using Equator Audio’s Secondary Reflection Correction™ (SRC) software, the system’s capability goes up yet another notch. This software is easy to use and it provides the ability to eliminate factors that could compromise a mix. Presently, I’ve created a preset where the sweet spot is a bit wider than it might otherwise be. This is extremely helpful as it enables me to have a bit more freedom to move as I work. Combined, the Equator Audio monitors and software let you mix with confidence. Everything I’ve listened to outside the studio translates really well to other systems, so decisions you make in the control room aren’t going to get lost on some other playback system.”

As he prepared for yet another session, Ramirez offered this final thought about the Equator Audio monitors, “This is an amazing system. It’s very musical throughout the entire frequency range, they get loud without compromising what you hear, and imaging is first rate. When you figure in the capabilities of the SRC software and the fact that the guy’s at Equator Audio are very knowledgeable and ready to help with any questions you might have, there’s little reason to look elsewhere.”

About the Equator Audio Research Q15, Q18S, and Room Analysis SoftwareThe Q15 monitors are a digitally controlled 2-way active 15” woofer/compression driver horn system employing Equator Audio’s Zero-Point Reference coaxial design. They deliver 2400 watts of peak power and 121dB of SPL. Each monitor has an internal CPU which handles a host of tasks including matching the transducers, incorporating the system’s no-slope crossover and enabling networking and room compensation. The Q18 has a down firing 18-inch low frequency transducer with a 4-inch voice coil in a bass reflex enclosure that features a bell shaped base to aid in coupling with the room. It has 2000 watts of peak power and reproduces frequencies below 16 Hz. When networked, the automated software correctly determines the subwoofer’s location (or multiple locations if more than one is used). This ensures proper alignment between the satellites and sub, resulting in phase accurate bass reproduction.

Equator Audio’s Room Analysis SoftwareThis software directs the Q Series’ digitally-controlled transducers to optimize the listening position. The software is an invaluable tool for engineers, producers, and others who find themselves working in different facilities, as it brings a level of consistency to the mix/monitor process.

About Equator Audio ResearchEquator Audio Research is committed to delivering studio reference monitor solutions that overcome the myriad of challenges faced in today’s production environment. Audible obstacles such as comb-filtering from computer screens and consoles, standing waves, uneven first reflections, asymmetrical speaker placement, and poor low frequency diffusion can easily degrade the listening experience. Equator Audio Research designs products that overcome these challenges. Our products are used daily in mission-critical applications at many of the world’s finest recording studios. For additional information on all Equator Audio products, visit the company online at

Source: EquatorAudio


How about a Hot Video Remix, by (our girl) to start off my bday celebration! Im headed to the beach in a few! READY TO GET MY DRINK ON! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ;)


The time on the road also helped MEN progress, she said. “[Playing a lot live] helps us to change the songs, feel what works or what doesn’t.”

The touring has also brought JD back to her roots. After doing bigger bus tours with Le Tigre and even working with pop star Aguilera, being in the van keeps her grounded.

“It’s different and it’s all the same,” she said. “It’s just the three of us driving in the rain. It’s really humbling and nice for me to go back to this. I totally started to miss this way of touring, being in control of your own s--t. It’s fun and I’m glad I get a chance to do that again.”

Though JD has been busy with MEN, the Aguilera collaboration was an exciting opportunity for her and the rest of Le Tigre to do some work together again, thanks to JD’s girlfriend and former Zero 7 singer, Sia, who had been working with Aguilera in L.A. when she mentioned Le Tigre.

“Sia worked with Christina before we did, she just reminded her that Le Tigre existed and [Aguilera] was like ‘I love them…that’s perfect, that’s exactly what I want,’” JD said. “I have to thank Sia for that.”

Aguilera’s album Light & Darkness also features collaborations with Goldfrapp and Ladytron and is due out in September. While many fans were excited by the prospect of Le Tigre playing together again, the band does not have plans for recording a new album in the near future.

Read Entire Article HERE

Source: AfterEllen

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Completely NOTHING!

Where the fuck are the Christina Aguilera Teasers at?
We need something!

What do we have to do to get some awesome NEWS?
Yeah Yeah Yeah I know wait but I think 3 years was a long enough wait!


Who do you think was the most attractive woman on our site last week? Vote now for your choice! The week's winner will be included in a monthly poll and the monthly winners will be entered in a Grand Finale at the end of the year.

To vote click

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Ever since I first found out about Christina I immediately fell in love with her.
Whenever I saw a magazine with her face on it, I would buy it.
Well, I would buy anything that had her face one it.

I only regret one thing.

I used to rip apart my magazines so that I would be able to post pictures up on the wall.
I was freaking STUPID. UGH!

I have magazines galore, cd's, singles, barbies, dvd's posters, merchandise, lighter, Pepsi cans, postcards, deck of cards, key chains, etc.

Does anyone have anY Christina Aguilera Collections that they would like to share with us?

I'm going to take pictures of my collection and post them up tomorrow.

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What to expect:
















Are you as excited as I am?!


I am sad to announce that it has been confirmed that the Official Billboard Music Twitter account that confirmed Christina's new album will release (this year end) was a fake! =(

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey Everyone,

I'm Glad to hear Christina is the Globalspokeperson for "From Hunger to Hope". She is going to Inform the world about how we can make a difference by donating $1 to feed a child.

I just finished Donating money, enough to feed a child for an entire academic school year. (sounds like alot?) it isnt its only $50 dollars to feed a child for an entire year. I was going to spend the money on something i really dont need. I feel good about myself and i know a child is going to live because i wasnt selfish.

Donate $1 dollar, it seems like nothing but to some, its more than you think, one dollar will feed 4children.

Here is what you can do to help the cause.

#1 – Help the Movement: Donate now and save lives
#2 – Grow the Movement: Spread the word with friends and family.
#3 – Be the Movement: Volunteer for a hunger relief organization in your local community.

Click here to Donate!


More pictures of her here.
Source: OK!Magazine




This is what he had to say:
"We like it when celebs go all crazy wild at parties and events, but we love it when they actually do good. Okay, we like the crazy more!

Recently, we mentioned how Christina Aguilera was starting to bequite the humanitarian.

Xtina was even named the global spokesperson for the World Hunger Relief organization!

And she's already working hard to help raise awareness for the cause.

Just yesterday she took to the streets of Hollywood to film a PSA for the From Hunger To Hope campaign, which is scheduled to air nationally this fall.

Thankfully, she decided to leave her trannylicious makeup at home.

Well, most of it at least."- PEREZHILTON
Source: PerezHilton


Best Legs in Music 2009

1 - Nicole Scherzinger
2 - Beyonce Knowles
3 - Christina Aguilera
4 - Britney Spears
5 - Jamelia
6 - Rihanna
7 - Kylie Minogue
8 - Gwen Stefani
9 - Ciara
10 - Fergie
11 - Carrie Underwood
12 - Hilary Duff
13 - Amerie
14 - Lady Gaga
15 - Christina Milian
16 - Paulina Rubio
17 - Mariah Carey
18 - Jessica Simspon
19 - Celine Dion
20 - Madonna

Source: CelebritySnap


In the new preview video for Project Runway, which starts on Thursday, August 20th, Tim Gunn announces a guest judge: "She is a 5 time Grammy winning artist."

Hello Christina, and welcome to Project Runway!

Project Runway starts on Thursday, August 20th on Lifetime.


Check out the crowd as Christina performs "Beautiful" for her PSA.

Image Hosting by
A young girl donates to the cause while Christina performs "Beautiful" for her PSA.

Image Hosting by



Also on the road this month: Paul Sheehy, working in Miami with Flo Rida on new music for Christina Aguilera, then back to Atlanta for Akon sessions for a theme song for soccer’s World Cup.
Source: CreativeLoafing

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For those who havent heard the first song that Luis Fonsi & Christina Aguilera Sang together.
Here it is. Cant wait for another AMAZING song! this song is so beautiful...I know for a fact that this is one of my all time favorites! They sound great together!!



Thanx to the explosion of Tweets and my brothers friends call for informing about this performance.

I was so close to Hollywood too but I was unable to go because of work...

God How I Hate Work!


Here are a few pictures and a video.

All taken by fans that were in attendance.


Check out 0:22! :) This is the promo for 'Australian Idol'!


Aguilera Raises Awareness of Hunger Issue by Appearing in PSA, Advertising, Posters and Online Campaign
Image Hosting by
Louisville, KY, July 15, 2009 – Yum! Brands announced today that five-time Grammy Award winner Christina Aguilera is giving hunger a powerful voice by becoming the global spokesperson for World Hunger Relief. Aguilera will help raise awareness of the hunger issue this fall by appearing in a new public service announcement, advertising and posters made possible by KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. She will also get the message out by appearing on the World Hunger Relief web site,, and in other online hunger relief efforts.

Global hunger has reached epic proportions this year with more than 1 billion people starving around the world due to the convergence of the global economic slowdown; high food prices; increased competition for products that produce energy; severe droughts and floods due to climate change; and increasing demand from growing economies in Asia and South America.
“It’s unacceptable a child dies every six seconds somewhere around the world from hunger,” said Aguilera. “By lending my voice for World Hunger Relief, I hope to raise awareness about the issue and move people from hunger to hope.”

Yum! Brands annual World Hunger Relief campaign is the world’s largest private sector hunger relief effort to raise awareness, volunteerism and funds to benefit the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) and other hunger relief agencies. More than 36,000 company and franchised KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and A&W All-American Food restaurants located in more than 110 countries participate in the World Hunger Relief.

“We are extremely excited about Christina’s passion to join the fight against hunger,” said David Novak, Chairman and CEO, Yum! Brands, Inc. “Christina’s global iconic status will raise tremendous attention to this critical issue, and more importantly, will save millions of lives.”

Since the World Hunger Relief launched in 2007, more than one million of the Company’s employees, franchisees and their families have volunteered more than nine million hours to aid hunger relief efforts in communities worldwide. The effort has raised $36 million for the WFP and other hunger relief organizations and is helping to provide approximately 160 million meals and save the lives of about 4 million people in remote corners of the world, where hunger is the most prevalent.

At the Clinton Global Initiative last year, Yum! Brands pledged to do the following over the next few years: raise and donate at least $80 million to help WFP and others provide 200 million meals for hungry school children in developing countries; donate 20 million hours of hunger relief volunteer service in the communities in which it operates; donate $200 million worth of its prepared food to hunger agencies in the United States and use the Company’s marketing clout to generate awareness of the hunger problem, and convince others to become part of the solution.

Yum! and its brands have been committed to fighting hunger for more than a decade by donating more than $46 million of prepared food annually to the underprivileged in the United States. Since the company went public in 1997, it has donated more than $500 million of its food to hunger relief agencies in the U.S.

Yum! Brands, Inc., (NYSE:YUM) based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world’s largest restaurant company in terms of system restaurants, with more than 36,000 restaurants in over 110 countries and territories. The company is ranked #239 on the Fortune 500 List, with revenues in excess of $11 billion in 2008. Four of the company’s restaurant brands – KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silver’s are the global leaders of the chicken, pizza, Mexican style food and quick service seafood categories, respectively. Outside the United States, the Yum! Brands system opened more than four new restaurants each day of the year, making it the leaders in international retail development. The company has consistently been recognized for its reward and recognition culture, diversity leadership, community giving, and consistent shareholder returns. For the second year, the company launched the world’s largest private sector hunger relief effort in partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme and other hunger relief agencies. To date, this effort is helping to save approximately 4 million people in remote corners of the world, where hunger is most prevalent.

Christina Aguilera is one of the most successful recording artists of the past decade, selling more than 42 million records worldwide. Aguilera’s 1999 self-titled debut album spawned three #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Aguilera has won four GRAMMY Awards and one Latin GRAMMY Award.

WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency and the United Nations frontline agency for hunger solutions. In 2009, WFP aims to feed 105 million people in 74 countries.

Click Link:



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In a new interview with Univision, Luis Fonsi mentions that he just recorded with Christina...hmm it's either for his album or maybe Christina's next spanish album!!!

Credits: LiveDaily

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Christina Aguilera’s Wii Injury
Christina Aguilera has a nasty injury — and it’s all thanks to her Nintendo Wii!

The Genie in a Bottle hitmaker — who gave birth to son Max in January last year — is apparently nursing a bruised hand after playing the popular gaming console with her husband Jordan Bratman.

“Christina loves her Wii as a fun way to do a little work out,” a source said. “Now she’s a mother, it’s perfect for her."

“On this one occasion she and Jordan were in the middle of a particularly heated game of tennis and Christina came off a little worse for wear in a run-in with a table lamp. She has a bruised hand but is more upset that she lost the game!”

Meanwhile, Aguilera is to make a cameo appearance on the new series of US TV show Project Runway.

Source: ShowbizSpy

Editor's Note:
Guys this is crazy!! I have been playing the Wii tennis all weekend and even yesterday on my lunch break! Get this I made a mii character that looks like Christina!! It's Awesome that she loves the Wii, we have something in common!! =)


Just a little reminder that (Christina) is the "Greatest Singer" Ever =)
Fans Enjoy!


There have been some Minor Changes made on the site.

1. The Header:
I had decided to change the header because the font that was on there before was kinda fadingaway into the background so I wanted it to pop out a bit more.
2. The Sidebar Titles:
I decided to change the sidebar titles so that they stand out a bit more than what was there before.
I hope you all love them.
Let me know what you think.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Xtina's Online Radio Show IS COMING SOON!

BUT we will NOT go on the air, UNTIL we have 100 People FOLLOWING US!
here or on Twitter!

The More People, the faster we start the show!





Well sort of. Christina has been laying extremely---l o w. So naturally when the paparazzi caught up with the singing sensation at the Bel Air Hotel, she made a bee line for wherever it was she was headed and didn't look back.

Christina will be shooting for World Food Bank PSA

Good new Christina fans! According to Butterboy from Livedaily.Com, Christina will be shooting a Public Service Annoucement for World Food Bank this month as it will be set to direct by Phil Joanou. This hasn’t been confirmed yet so it's not official.

Here's what the fan has to say:

Hey Guys!! I’m new on here and a huge Xtina fan. Anywho I’m out in LA and was recently informed that Christina is doing a PSA for a WORLD FOOD BANK directed by Phil Joanou. They were submitting for casting about 2 days ago so, she’ll probably be shooting within the next few weeks.


Here's the confirmation email:

We are looking for REAL fans of Christina Aguilera for a World Food Bank PSA being directed by Phil Joanou.

This project is for REAL fans of all ages!!

Please, please…if you just liked one song of hers back in the day or are not a fan, DO NOT respond. This is just a PSA– it’s a good cause but it won’t make you big bucks and they really want the real deal.

ALSO IMPORTANT: You also need to have clear availability now through July 15, and you cannot have a current fast food commercial airing unless it's for Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, or KFC.

This is for CLIENTS ONLY! Do not submit anyone who is not a client.

Thank you.


Image Hosting by

According to a fan on Live Daily, Linda Perry has mentioned "allegedly" that Christina's album will be released in October or November. Their first single is to appear at the end of August or mid -September. Linda Perry has confirmed it in America!


What does each and every single one of us, Christina fans, dream we can do?
I think it's getting a chance to meet her and exchange a few words with her. Yes?
Last year that dream became a reality to me... TWICE!

The FIRST time: February 5, 2008 [DVD signing]

I can't even begin to explain what was going through my head when we were told that Christina had just arrived at BESTBUY for the signing of her BACK to BASICS: Live and Down Under tour DVD.

Having stayed in line for about 10 hours straight, from 9am to 7pm, didn't faze any of us. The thought of just getting those few seconds with her made the wait so much more worth it.

Walking up to her was Surreal.

We all know that Christina is gorgeous but I can honestly say that pictures don't do her justice. She is by far one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. (I'm not just saying that because I'm a fan), and her boobs were ENORMOUS (Lucky Jordan). As I walked up to her there were a millions things that I wanted to say to her but when it came down to it all I said was "Thank you Christina for everything you do. I love you." Then she said, "Aww no thank you and I love you too." Hearing her say that to me just melted me and walking away from her my eyes started to water. I couldn't believe that CHRISTINA AGUILERA herself just told me that she loved me.

I kept repeating those word over and over in my head that entire night.

The SECOND time: December 6, 2008 [Fragrance signing]

Before my second encounter with Christina, I had promised myself that I wasn't going to freeze up, and that I was going to tell her everything that I wanted to tell her the first time we met but didn't.

But before I left my house that afternoon I thought things through and decided that it would be much easier for me to write her a letter just in case I froze up again like I did the first time.

So, I wrote her a letter spilling my heart out. What I told her in the letter was how her music had helped me out of some of the most darkest moments in my life. I used to be a cutter and didn't know how to deal with the pain that I was hiding up inside me, that instead of dealing with my psychological pain I would much rather deal with physical pain for that moment. So, I would take anything that would cut skin and cut my arms and thighs, but the one and only person that really helped me through this even though that person was unaware of it was Christina. So, I thanked her in the letter for literally Saving me from myself.

I arrived a bit early and decided to walk around with a friend that I had met up with there.

We headed back to Macy's to start lining up.

We were in line for about 2 hours.

Christina had arrived about 15 mins late. When she arrived everyone started going crazy. The paparazzi were screaming and yelling the fans were screaming and yelling. So you can only imagine how loud it got.

I went up to her and once again I didn't tell her anything of what I wanted to say but "Christina you're such an inspiration." I had asked her for a hug and she looked around and said that she couldn't but instead she grabbed my arm and my hand and squeezed it.

I didn't wash my hand for an entire week.
Ok, I washed it that night but still I wish I hadn't.

I was actually looking for a picture of me and her since there were so many paparazzi taking pictures of her while her first like 20 fans went up to meet her, and I was within those 20 fans.
But couldn't find one single picture of me and her. :(

But a fellow Christina fan informed me that there had been a video on line from that afternoon, and he told me that I had been recorded while I was up there with Christina.

Here is the video.

I come out for 4 complete seconds.
00:18 to 00:22 seconds
You can even see her grab my arm and my hand.

Has anyone met Christina before?
If so, how was your experience?
If not, what do you think you'd do if you ever got the chance to?
What would you say, or what wouldn't you say?

Feel free to ask me anything.
Through comment or email or chat box.


I've had my troubles, I've had my pleasures. I've had…a true love I lost. It has been over a year and I can't seem to fall out of love with him. He was everything to me and more. Tonight I got to express it in a way that made me pass out, my friend Matt and I finished two bottles of Tequila & Rum and listened to Christina together. I passed out but I do remember calling the ex and I told him, “I should have married you when I had the chance.”

This blog has nothing really to do with Christina, the only way she has anything to do with this is that her music is making me stronger little by little, she is fixing my broken heart. Ive had so many experiences in my life, I wonder what has kept me alive so long, but I know her music is making me stronger and believe in a brighter day.

Have you ever felt that love just isn’t enough? Back when I was with my ex, I had nothing to offer...but love. Now I have a lot more to offer, but I don’t have him, I guess over time I chose my career. He moved on and chose to be with someone else. I keep trying to date but no one seems right.

All I want to say is that…, tonight I'm gonna cry.

Songs that mean the world to me by Christina:

I’m OK
Mother (John Lennon Cover)
Walk Away
Mercy on Me
Make Over
Without You

These songs are a big part of my life and I have to thank Christina for helping me in such a way nobody else can help me. Thank you Christina.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Here are the original versions of "What A Girl Wants" and "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)."

The original "What A Girl Wants" is especially rare...and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you.


▼What A Girl Wants▼


▼Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)▼


To read more about these changes, click HERE to read about "What A Girl Wants," and click HERE to read about "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You). "

Readers, Let us know what you think about these original versions!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Finally home from work, I had a long day, but I bought some awesome shoes! I love them! That made my day much better. So I know ya’ll are dying to know what happened today at the meeting. Well I have good news and bad news! Let me start off with the bad news first,

Bad News: What I am about to explain is difficult to understand if you don’t know what the hell I'm talking about. Everything takes TIME! So don’t expect results tomorrow morning. The entertainment business takes months and months to plan, shoot, edit, a 30-second commercial. Not to mention everything else...

Good News: I have a source that can help us get what we want; what do we want?

Exclusive Media Credentials to Interview Christina Aguilera
Document each of our journeys to the Christina Aguilera Concert. I.E. (Packing at home, time at the airport, arriving at the destination, hotel, meeting each other for the first time, mere minutes before meeting Christina, the actual meet & greet, and our thoughts afterwards and how meeting Christina has changed our lives).

How do we get this?

We need to increase traffic to this site! TELL EVERYONE! We need to affiliate with other fan clubs.

Report FACTUAL information and cite the SOURCE.

For Example:
According to Christina Aguilera has appeared in 35 Movie and Television events dating back to 1998. It is rumored according to that Dita Von Teese will be in Christina’s latest film “ Burlesque” which is currently set to be released in 2011 (cannot wait!). Steve Antin is directing and Cher is playing “Tess” in this feature film…stay tuned for more!

After a couple of weeks of factual information we can submit a request for Media Credentials!!!


Guys I did my best to get information on the how to, Now I need everyone else’s help!
PLEASE promote this site! This is a better way to earn CREDIBILITY! Which is a major component to get Media Credentials. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Also Stay Tuned For our ONLINE RADIO SHOW! Which should be coming up within a couple of weeks! Its going to be something new and fresh...

'Christina Aguilera: By night' commercial should be coming out soon!


It's rumored on Wikipedia that the demo will be sent out to radio stations in September!!!


There is not a song in Christina Aguilera's music catalog that I don't like. I LOVE all her music plain and simple. There is so much range in genres, I find that her collection is nothing short of masterful. One of the extensive reasons why she's so popular is that her music speaks to people. I've compiled a list of the songs I most identify with and am providing a little back story as to why each song touches home on a such a personal level.
1. Keeps Gettin' Better This is my favorite song ever by her. It's a fierce, electric, fiery number that is my personal anthem.☺I play this every time I'm in the car, drivin' out of control, gettin' ready to crash! Not to mention, some days, I really am a super bitch, but it won't last forever. In my new found independence from this previous ex, I don't let anyone stand in my way of the things I want. There really is a villain in me...

2. Beautiful Words can't bring me down... There was a time in my life where self esteem wasn't even existent. I was in a very low place that I have this song to thank for my salvation. I am going to be really candid when I speak on this, but there was a time when I was anorexic/bullimic (but luckily for only a few weeks), and seeing this video helped shake me out of that realm of thinking. This song is telling us to be proud of who we are. Being gay as well, I felt extremely outcasted at my high school. My friends at the time backstabbed me, ridiculed me, but I got through it all with this song and music video. Thank you Christina!
3. Fighter From beginning to end, the lyrical content of this song strikes every chord in some incidents from my past. I dedicate this song to a couple people, but one stands out among the ex of mine. I gave up everything for him, moved across country, isolated myself from friends of mine, completely forgot who I was. The breakup was the most awake I've ever felt and vowed to never let a man influence me so heavily ever again.

4. Dirrty It's how I like to get down on the dancefloor and in the...bedroom. Great feeling of sexual empowerment when I hear this song. I get goosebumps every time I hear it.☺

5. Can't Hold Us Down "Call me a bitch cause I speak what's on my mind, guess it's easier for you if I sat and smiled." I can't tell you how great it is to speak your mind. I am not one to sugarcoat things, I'm real, and honest. This song is dedicated to those out there who lose their minds over complete honesty.

6. I Got Trouble "I've got a wicked taste for trouble, and it'll never satisfy, yeah I'm a whole lotta trouble baby, my evil ways can't hide, well I been itchin for some trouble babe, every single day that I'm alive."

7. Come on Over (All I Want Is You) "Hey boy, don't ya know? I've got somethin goin on. I've got an invitation, don't ya keep me waiting all night long." "I'm not just talking about your sexuality, but I can't help myself when you put your hands on me." This song goes to anyone who has ever made me go crazy. Muah!

8. I Turn To You Like Christina, I dedicate this one to my Mom. She's been my rock through some of the most difficult times in my life. I Love you Mom.

9. Underappreciated "I feel underappreciated" for how committed I am. I devote myself to everything I pursue (i.e. ex), and frankly have only found disappointment.

10. Mercy On Me Testify.
Readers: List your top songs you identify with most and share with us a little bit about yourself! It would be great to hear from YOU. Much love.

ADDED more Music.

UPDATE: 'The Music I Identify To' RESPONSES:

By Christina's bloGspot reader: 2Dirrty4U
I think this is a really cool idea. My real name is Joey, I’m 17 years old, and I just became a senior in high school. I gotta say Xtinas music has really helped me over the years. She is my inspiration.

1) Fighter- This song has really hit home 4 me on many levels, going from my family and friends. Allot of my life I have been lied to and betrayed. This song made me realize that all those people that hurt me and obstacles I have over come made me such a stronger person. This song 4 me highlights my past, present, and more than likely it will indicate future problems. I think that people constantly change from their experiences, whether it is good or bad. This song however made me realize how to change those obstacles 4 the good. This is the song that helped me realize that I am a Fighter.

2) Dirrty- Party Anthem!!!!! This song can always get me dancing (N I suck at dancing). Also I think that this really does help me liberate my sexuality, being gay I think that this song gives me more confidence with my sexual side.

3) Hurt- This song at first was so hard 4 me 2 listen to because I could not stop crying. My best friend unfortunately passed away from a drug overdose a few years ago. He was really everything to me. This song in away helped coped with my feelings and was healthier to listen 2, rather then to cry myself 2 sleep every night. He had a rough life and resorted to joining a gang. He then began to get an addiction with drugs and I tried to help him. But I regret not giving him more help then I think he should have gotten. I put allot of blame and responsibility 4 his death by not getting him enough help.

4) Keeps Gettin' Better- This track is fire!! Asome to dance to and reflects my personality. I can be such a super bitch at times (well maybe most often), but I’m also very sweet. A villain I guess u could say. In movies I do tend to root 4 the bad guy. Also I can be seductive too. I don’t actually look all that bad. (So I have been told by others, I’m not that really into my looks) This is just asome and really shows how XTINA just KEEPS GETTIN' BETTER!!!

5) Candyman- Another fun song to dance too. This song 4 me at least really takes me to a happy place. I love the retro style and I think it sounds really fresh. I also can’t wait till I find my Candyman.

6) Walk Away- This song has really been there 4 me alot in the past with my so called best friend. I started developing alot of feelings 4 him and he completely took advantage of me. I’m very smart, so took advantage of that and I ended up doing alot of his school work. I’m the reason that hes graduating this year when we go back 2 school. He abused me so much mentally. I feel so hard 4 him, but he kept rejecting my existence. Instead of ending it with me he just led me on to take advantage of my money when we worked 2gether, school work, and my connections with people. Still 4 some reason I couldn’t walk away. Something about him still pulls me. I’m very miserable because of him, but even though it is still hard I’m going to try harder to walk away from him.

7) Genie 2.0- I loved genie in a Bottle, but after I heard this version it was like that song never existed. I love this remake ever since she did it at the vmas. HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! Great beat to dance to and so seductive!! She sounds so sexy in this song; it’s a great take on her voice. This song rubbed me the right way!

8) Make Over- Amazing song! This song represents the essence of my rebellion. I am tired of being judged, manipulated, and criticized for who I am. Just like the song says people need to save their bullshit 4 another day. I will not be made over by people because who I am doesn’t satisfy them. I just wanna live simple and free.

9) Cruz- I can’t wait to play this song when I leave the hell hole that is my house. I’m the oldest of 6 kids and my parents both hate each other, so it’s kind of crazy in my house. When I listen to this song, it makes me feel free. I can’t wait 4 this song to become my reality. Hopefully it’s really soon!! This song makes me feel alive whenever I play it in the car. Such an asome song.

10) I Got Trouble- Ok I will admit that I can cause alot of trouble and at times I can be a horrible person. HAHA! But hey. its fun. 4 some reason getting into trouble always seems fun and alot of the times has a interesting story to tell at the end of it.
By Christina's bloGspot reader: nisi
LOVE your list... hope more people drop theirs.. its interesting to see what touched people and why...

My list would be:

1. Save Me From Myself... I'm gonna be walking down the isle to that song.. it best describes my relationship to my eight year boyfriend.... him's a keeper...

2. Mercy on Me... I've felt this way before and the way she sings it sends shivers down my spine...

3. Without You... yet another song depicting how I feel 'bout my man... plus the softness in her voice... lovely...

4. Oh Mother... I've never seen or been through domestic violence myself but my fiance definitely has. He's told me lots of horror stories, so this song I dedicate to his mother and the other women in his family....

5. Walk Away... In our 8 years of being together, we went through some rough patches... this song has definitely made me cry a few times... thankfully I never walked too far away...

6. I Got Trouble... I may look and sound like that sweet petite girl but I can cause a lil' trouble here and there... kinda like chris' in that way..

7. you are what you are (Beautiful)... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this re-imagining of Beautiful... I loved the first one but for some reason this one literally takes me away with it...

8. Impossible... my fiance and I have been together since we were 16. We've actually grown up together, so we had to teach each other how to love without walls...

9. Nasty Naughty Boy.... ummm, you can figure out that one for yourselves... heehee

10. Dirrty... Please don't condemn me, but I actually didn't like Christina at first. I thought her first album was superficial, just like Britney's and all the other teeny boppers out there... but then she went into hiding and when she came out of her oh-so-familiar "creative cave" she showed us her dirrty side. I was shocked, excited, turned on, and shaking my ass all at the same time. I know what its like to feel like you have to hide your sexuality or who you really are because society tells you to. She showed her bravery and taught me how to do the same....


I think that I could speak for myself and the others when I say that this blog/site is coming along beautifully.

As I was looking at it today I thought to myself out loud...

How would we be able make this more a bit more enjoyable for the readers as they visit?

And the answer that came straight to my head was MUSIC.

So, I added Keeps Gettin' Better to the site, but if there are any other songs that you may feel fit the blog/site more please let me know by leaving a comment and I'll change it.

I just want to take a quick second to THANK the visitors for giving us such great feed back, and making the blog/site a hit.

Remember it's still in its early stages so stay tuned for much more.
[i.e. online radio chat, etc]

Friday, July 10, 2009


Hey everyone, well I had a long day at work, I got sunburned and now, I’m nice 'n toasty.
Probably going to stay in tonight and relax since I have to work in the morning AND I also have a meeting in the AM with someone I know… it involves Karlos, Joel, Josh and myself getting actual Journalist passes to cover stories on Christina of course.

Also I’m in the works of setting up our very own weekly online radio show, where the four of us will come together and gossip, play Christina music, and interact with other fans through chat.. But like I said its still in the works…so be patient. We have a lot of awesome things planned for this blogsite and we ask that you spread the word and tell other fans about this site!!!

Btw Burlesque starts Filming in November!!
But I want to know what your opinion is on Christina’s acting skills!
Can u imagine her acting? Give me feedback I want to know what u envision!

Do you think, Christina is the new Cher
Or Christina is just “CHRISTINA AGUILERA"

I want to share with ya’ll a video I made a couple of years ago, I hope you like it!


Image Hosting by
So it's Friday!! Thank God! Woke up this morning in a fabulous mood, I've got a fun night planned, some friends and I are going to see "BRUNO" which looks absolutely hilarious, and yes, even though "I'm Gay," I can take a Gay Joke, ha I bet I will laugh harder than the straight people...then we are headed to The awesome Club in Florence, South about the "Daydreaming"...I woke up this morning... I was awake but was "Daydreaming" and about what you ask? Yes the diva herself...I got up like I do every morning, brushed my teeth, got ready for work, and the whole time - yep still "Daydreaming." I was wondering what Christina was doing at this very moment; wondered if she uses an electronic toothbrush like me?...wondered when I'm going to replace her GQ cover? (Which is framed and hanging over the toilet wall) with a "NEW" Mag cover and wondered what the new mag cover will look like and yes it's hanging there, (kinda funny when your taking a leak) feels like she's watching I get to work and I'm still "Daydreaming." I'm thinking, "Gosh! What is Christina doing?" Wonder if she's recording, if she's doing a photo shoot for the album, wonder if she's rehearsing for her next performance...wonder what her first single is going to sound like...when is it going to be thing is for sure...Christina is doing a great job at keeping her New Album under wraps! I shouldn't complain! She doesn't know that this is murder to us...oh Christina you just love the element of surprise don't you?! BUT I am so a kid at Christmas... and unfortunately I can't open the gift and then re-wrap it like I do at Christmas...I don't have a a few teasing words, "futuristic," "Andy Warhol," "Tokyo lights"...ohhh the torture...anyhow I'm going to carry on with my "Daydreaming"...UNTIL SOME NEWS DROPS...AND DON'T WORRY GUYS IF I KNOW IT...SO WILL YOU!
Aint No Other Man for "Anonymous"

Listen to this beautiful song by Sia...I just know her & Christina made something amazing!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We just officially launched the official Christina's Blogspot Twitter account.

[Click on the 'Follow Us' link]


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I was walking up the stairs painfully (I’m sore from working out) and I thought to myself. We need to have a “Christinas Blog Spot Union”

Which would consist of:

1. Karlos, Joel, Josh and Aiden (myself) to meet in person for the first time in ONE CITY, and go to ONE SHOW. Not just any show, but the OPENING SHOW of the New Christina Aguilera Worldwide Tour!



If you guys (the bloggers) think this is something we could do, and if the other fans would like to see us do this, let us know. We could probably bring back an exclusive interview with Christina herself.