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Last night one of my rock n' roll dreams came true. There I was, lil' old me, standing in my tiny space waiting to interview the winner of NBC's The Voice Javier, and runner up Dia. I looked up and Stevie Nicks was standing in front of my face in all her black clothed gypsy perfection. I was speechless because directly beside her was Adam Levine. Adam had some really skinny jeans on. Just saying. Basically, I turned into the super nerd + music fan that I really am, instead of the super cool Buzznet camera girl I should have been!

I had an amazing time. Xtina and Beverly stopped by to talk about their vision of beauty. Ryan Tedder from One Republic wore white jeans. My favorite Nakia came by to laugh with me and dance around.

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Coming off of Wednesday night's season finale, The Voice host Carson Daly talked to The Hollywood Reporter about what's next for both the music competition show and its superstar coaches -- Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton -- all of whom will be back. (On Thursday, NBC made it official, announcing that all four coaches will sit in the red chairs when the second season launches next year.)

The Hollywood Reporter: Javier Colon was crowned the first Voice winner last night. Did America make the right choice?

Carson Daly: I don’t think they could have made a wrong choice. Our whole goal was to put the best artist on the stage all year long and by the time we got to our top 16, you’re looking at really strong artists. I think they definitely got it right.

THR: What’s your advice for these contestants who are entering – or in some cases returning to — the music industry looking to translate their success on The Voice into a sustainable career?

Daly: They’ve got this great launching pad, so now it’s about being smart with their business. Javier has a record deal so he has to really get to know his record reps. It’s not time to go on vacation. It’s time to get with your producers and start thinking about making a record. I talked to a lot of our top eight finalists at our party and this has brought them exposure that has gotten most of them managers and record producers. A lot of them are already putting careers together.

THR: What has this show meant to NBC, which for many years has really struggled?

Daly: It’s meant a lot on a lot of different levels. Most importantly, The Voice has been the first example of NBC in a new regime in a post-Comcast world. You had [NBC entertainment chairman] Bob Greeblatt and [NBCUniversal chief executive] Steve Burke making a commitment to quality. They’re investing in quality and putting content in front of commerce. This is the beginning – and The Voice is a great example — of how NBCUniveral can function and successfully move forward.

THR: Looking ahead to next season, what changes or additions should we expect?

Daly: We’ve been taking notes all along. This first season was a real time-crunch for us. We wanted to catch lightening in a bottle, coming on before The X Factor and at the tail end of Idol and having our coaches with their crazy schedules. So this was 18 hours of TV that we really rushed to get there. We didn’t sacrifice quality but along the way we definitely made some notes about what we wanted to do for season two.

THR: Such as?

Daly: One is expanding, but not too much. With success in network TV, often they overdo it once they’ve got a hit. They tend to just sort of whore it out, if you will. We’re going to have longer blind auditions. We only had 2 episodes of it this season and all of a sudden we were into the battle rounds. I think there will be at least four weeks of our blind auditions so that people can really sink their teeth into that discovery process.

THR: Any other changes?

Daly: We hang our hat on the fact that our coaches are mentoring these artists and not judging them. The relationship between them was something that was really cool. I mean, Blake put Dia and Xenia on his private jet. In season two, you’ll set that relationship much more in depth and with a little more quality time than we got to do it in season one.

THR: There’s been a lot of buzz last night and this morning about whether the coaches are or aren’t coming back. What can you tell us?

Daly: I started the red carpet last night under the assumption from what little knowledge I have as the host of the show that we’re all coming back. By the time I got to the end of the red carpet, with the media asking the most asinine questions, I heard that. They really created these rumors that I can tell you I have never heard before. As far as I know, everybody is coming back.

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They're gonna do it again!

All four coaches from The Voice -- Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton -- have signed on for season two of the NBC smash, a source confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

Aguilera "is very excited" for the next season, an insider close to the singer, 30, tells Us. "It has been an amazing experience for her!" A rep for Green told Us the "Forget You" singer is indeed returning.

(Reps for Levine and Shelton had no comment.)

On Wednesday's season one finale of the blockbuster singing competition, Javier Colon was crowned the winner after ten weeks of competition. Mentored by Adam Levine, the father of two and Stratford, Conn. native beat out fellow finalist Dia Frampton by just two percent of the vote to win $100,000 and a recording contract.

Season two of The Voice gets underway in early 2012

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Christina Aguilera is on set for our July cover shoot, most likely naked, when hunger strikes. Surely the W staff would have obliged even the strangest of food orders to keep the songstress cooperating with Giovanna Battaglia’s strategically placed roses-and-chiffon ensemble. A full meal from Blue Hill at Stone Barns (still piping hot)? Sure. Jelly tagliatelle carbonara from the shuttered Il Bulli? We’ll call Ferran Adrià. But Xtina had a hankering for a thankfully, and almost puzzlingly simple request: a tuna fish sandwich.
The no-frills tuna-on-white from Ruthy’s Bakery not only hit the spot, but apparently was such a big hit with Christina that her agent emailed our intrepid sandwich-purchasing assistant bookings editor Ashley Consiglio the next day to get the name of the diner. Was it the sandwich that saved the shoot? That might be overstating it, but perhaps only slightly.

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With the first winner of The Voice crowned on Wednesday night, did the viewers tune in?

The NBC talent competition series, which named Team Adam member Javier Colon the winner, performed solidly in its finale effort drawing 10.8 million total viewers at 8 p.m. and averaging a 3.5 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic. Though it sank 20 percent from Tuesday's performance episode (12.6 million, 4.4), compared with the previous Wednesday results telecast (10 million, 3.3) The Voice ticked up 6 percent.

Even so, The Voice wasn't the night's highest-rated telecast as it has been in the past. That honor went to America's Got Talent (13.3 million, 4.0), which followed The Voice at 9 p.m. The hour scored NBC its highest rating for a non-finale Wednesday episode since July 5, 2006, the show's very first season.

At 10 p.m., the series debut of the unscripted dating reality series Love in the Wild (6.5 million, 2.2) dropped 45 percent from its lead-in and compared to the premiere of Losing it With Jillian last year, dipped 15 percent. NBC topped the night in viewers (10.2 million) and the demo (3.2), thanks to strong showings by two of its heavyweights.

Fox's So You Think You Can Dance (5.4 million, 1.9) top 16 performance show, the only competition for NBC's three-hour block, was down 14 percent from last week. The network placed second in the demo (1.9), but third in viewers (5.4 million) for Wednesday.

Ratings Bottom Line: NBC wins with The Voice finale and America's Got Talent.

8 p.m.
Total viewers winner: The Voice (NBC), 10.8 million 18-49 demo winner: The Voice (NBC), 3.5
9 p.m.
Total viewers winner: America's Got Talent (NBC), 13.3 million 18-49 demo winner: America's Got Talent (NBC), 4.0
10 p.m.
Total viewers winner: Love in the Wild (NBC), 6.5 million 18-49 demo winner: Love in the Wild (NBC), 2.2
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Christina Aguilera's accommodations at The Voice just keep getting better.

On the night of the NBC show's finale, Late Night with Conan O'Brien comedian Andy Richter tweeted a photo from the reality competition's lot revealing an interesting set-up.

Aguilera gets her own Star Waggons trailer on the NBC show's lot, while fellow celebrity mentors Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton, share one commode between the three.

Richter's caption? "Well lah-dee-dah!"

Ritcher's photo, which was obviously tongue-in-cheek, could have been a nod to the stories circulating the internet about Aguilera's "VIP treatment."

As The Hollywood Reporter first reported, the singer also pulls in more than $225,000 for each hour-long episode she judges, while her co-stars make around $75,000 each.

"I was willing to pay a premium," NBC head of alternative programming Paul Telegdy told THR of the show's high production costs.

And, one of her co-stars even agrees with the pay difference. "Well, no shit -- she's Christina Aguilera!," Shelton said. Adding, "Hell, I'd pay her more too, you know what I mean?"

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Christina Aguilera will return for season two of The Voice, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Despite reports she may depart the NBC hit, a source tells THR she "signed weeks ago."

Aguilera played coy when asked by reporters at Wednesday's finale. She makes $225,000 per episode, as THR revealed in a cover story earlier this month.

Fellow coaches Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton make about $75,000 each.

Levine told THR Wednesday that he hopes to return as well: "If they’ll have me, I’d be delighted to be back."

But even if the panel is eventually switched up, Carson Daly doesn't think it will affect the singing competition.

"This show is bigger than any of its coaches or the host," he told the New York Post. "This show will live on in perpetuity with many a star in those chairs."

Season 2 kicks off in February right after the Super Bowl.

Javier Colon beat out Dia Frampton to win the show Wednesday.

The finalists will kick off a six-stop summer tour in July. Before that, most are already in the recording studio working on albums.

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Just two months ago, when "The Voice" premiered on NBC smack-dab in the middle of "American Idol's" comeback season, many doubters scoffed. Wasn't the show just one big gimmick, with its blind auditions and ominous spinning chairs of doom? Weren't pop stars like Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green committing career suicide by slumming on a reality show like this? And most importantly, did America really need yet another singing competition?

Well, the respective answers to questions above turned out to be no, no, and, apparently, yes. "The Voice" is now a bona fide hit, with better ratings and better talent than anyone probably ever expected. As it airs its two-part finale this week, the show has already been renewed for a second season, with all four A-list coaches (Christina, Cee Lo, and Adam Levine and Blake Shelton) on board. Season 2 of "The Voice" will premiere in a coveted slot, right after the Super Bowl, on February 5, 2012, and will once again compete with "American Idol," which returns in January.

And considering how "The Voice" has quite successfully positioned itself as the "anti-Idol" of reality TV singing competitions, it'll be interesting to see how the two shows stack up against each other next year. In many ways, "The Voice" has provided excellent alternative viewing for disgruntled "Idol" fans, so the folks at Fox might need to worry a little bit. It seems nothing--not the dismal run of Season 9, not the loss of Paula Abdul, not the hiring of Ellen DeGeneres, not even the resignation of Simon Cowell--has derailed "American Idol" yet, but "The Voice" just may be the little show that could.

So how is "The Voice" better than, or at least refreshingly different from, "American Idol"? Let me count the ways...

Contestant Diversity - Among "The Voice's" contestants, there has been an incredible mix, not just in terms of musical styles, but across ethnicities, age groups (contestants ranging from 16 to 42 years old), and sexual orientations (four of the final 16, three of the final eight, and two of the final four are openly gay). The diverse final four consists of a handsome Latin-American man who croons smooth rock 'n' soul (Javier Colon), a winsome indie-folk songstress with an emo past (Dia Frampton), a supercool rocker girl from the Northwest (Vicci Martinez), and a fortysomething blues-rock chick with a shaved head and neck tattoos (Beverly McClellan). And three of them, excitingly, are FEMALE. Which brings me to my next point...

No Gender Issues - On "Idol," the season starts out with an equal number of boys and girls, which of course frustratingly ensures that some very talented singers will fall by the wayside because they don't meet some silly gender quota. But then, once the voting begins, all the tweens and their moms block-text in earnest, ensuring that no female singer ever wins. ("Idol" has had four male champions in the row.) On "The Voice," however, the mentors simply choose their team members based on who they like best, plain and simple (seven out of Christina's eight singers were female), and then when the voting opens, the female singers actually do quite well. This may be because of...

Limited Voting - On "The Voice," viewers are only allowed 10 votes per method (phone call, online, or iTunes download). Other reality competitions, like "Dancing With The Stars," impose similar voting limits, but "Idol" does not, allowing crazed fans to phone-bank all night and skew the votes (usually in favor of hunky young male contestants). One look at the diverse final four on "The Voice" should make it clear that limited voting is the way to go on these shows--as the results are more likely to reflect the actual pop marketplace and the contestants' chances of selling records in the future. Which brings me to...

iTunes Downloads Count As Votes - This is just so simple; why didn't "Idol" think of this? The best gauge of how well a reality contestant will sell is, frankly, how well that contestant sells while the show is still on the air. While downloads of "Idol" contestants are available on iTunes, only "The Voice" counts each iTunes purchase as a vote towards a contestant. During last week's semifinals, "Voice" contestants had 14 songs in the iTunes 100 (two of them, Javier and Dia, actually had songs in the top 10). In the real world, the only "vote" that counts is the kind made with a music fan's pocketbook, after all, so this means whoever wins "The Voice" will already be a proven seller, someone who's already had success on the charts. And this brings me to...

Transparency - While all reality shows are fixed or manipulated to some degree, "The Voice" has more transparency than most, at least when it comes to the votes. One glimpse at the aforementioned iTunes charts already reveals the contestants' ranking, for instance. And on last week's results show announcing the final four, viewers at home actually got to see the coaches' point tallies, as well as the public votes. All of this is more than enough to silence the sort of vote-fixing accusations and angry conspiracy theories that plague other reality competitions (like "Idol"). "Idol" has become more and more about "shocker" eliminations, but personally, I'll take honesty and transparency, and the right contestants getting through, any day of the week.

More Accomplished Singers - Most of the contestants came to this show as seasoned pros. Of the final four, Dia Frampton was in the Warner Bros. Records duo Meg & Dia, Javier Colon was signed to Capitol Records, and Beverly and Vicci had been gigging and self-releasing music for years. Other contestants had been on other reality shows, or had had record deals before, or had written hit songs for other famous singers, or had acted in films. While some punters understandably complained that this wasn't fair, "The Voice" never claimed that its contestants were total newbies, and all of these semi-unknown contestants still needed a big break. And since they all brought their professional experience to the "Voice" stage, even holding their own performing alongside their superstar mentors, the real winners were the viewers, who got to watch great, solid performances week after week.

Credible Judges - Cee Lo and Blake's careers are hotter than ever right now. Christina, though she's suffered several professional and personal setbacks over the last year, still gets invited to sing at the Super Bowl and the Grammys. Adam Levine still tours the world and dates supermodels. Let's face it, none of these singers really NEEDED to sign up for a show like this. Therefore their involvement added cred to the show, and more importantly, likely drew viewers who would never normally tune in to a show like this but liked seeing Cee Lo rock out in an afro wig, Christina and Adam duet, or all four coaches kill it during a group performance of "Crazy." Also, unlike the "Idol" judges, the "Voice" coaches seemed to take their jobs seriously. Since they weren't so much judging as mentoring, they became genuinely involved in the contestants' success, pushing them to be their best and sometimes even performing with them, as equals, in fun group numbers. Many "Idol" viewers, myself included, complained that the "Idol" judges' empty "in it to win it" and "beautiful" comments left that show's contestants floundering without any guidance, but every single singer on "The Voice" probably learned something from their experience working with their coaches.

Of course, I am looking for some improvements in "The Voice" Season 2. I'd love it if the audition portion of the season were stretched out a little more, and I'd like to see the semifinalists compete for public votes more than just four times, so we can all get to know the contestants a little more intimately. (In this regard, creating emotional attachment, "Idol" totally excels.) But "The Voice" is really onto something here. If it can keep establishing itself as the "anti-Idol," not only should "Idol" be worried, but maybe even Simon Cowell and his "X Factor" team should sweat a little bit, too.

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Christina Aguilera attends the viewing party of The Voice season finale held at Warner Bros. Studios on Wednesday (June 29) in Burbank, Calif.

The 30-year-old entertainer walked the red carpet with the last member of her team, Beverly McClellen. Also pictured inside are celebrity coaches Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton (joined by wife Miranda Lambert), and Adam Levine with contestant Javier Colon.

During the final performance round the night before, Beverly sang an original song, as well as a duet with Christina of her song “Beautiful.” The four coaches also took the stage for a performance of Queen’s “Under Pressure.”

In case you missed it, find out who was crowned the winner of The Voice season one!

At the after party for the show, Adam, Cee Lo, Blake, and Miranda played Wii Play: Motion on Nintendo interactive stations. The guys and Javier played in a private room backstage before hitting the stage to perform!

FYI: Christina is wearing a Herve Leger dress and Louboutin shoes.

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Ryan Tedder is busy writing songs for everyone and their mother, like B.o.B and Christina Aguilera. Once he cleans off his plate and his slate, he plans to focusing on his own band OneRepublic and the follow-up to 2009 sophomore album Waking Up.

"We have probably eight or nine ideas, but we start the writing process for OneRepublic in about two weeks, and that's when I really dive in and start doing it and go until it's done," Tedder told our pals over at "Our goal is to have the first single on the next album out by the beginning of 2012, or sometime in the early portion of 2012."

Are you a fan of OneRepublic? Do you think Tedder should keep some of his songs for himself?



NBC easily won the night both with the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 and total viewers. Both The Voice (4.3 A18-49 rtg) and America’s Got Talent (3.2) were on par with last week’s preliminary adults 18-49 numbers. Last week The Voice was adjusted up a tenth and AGT up two tenths in the finals. It was the biggest total audience (12.55 million) for The Voice in four weeks.

MasterChef, Combat Hospital and 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show were all down 0.1 with adults 18-49 versus last week. The 8pm Wipeout was up a tenth with adults 18-49.

Late-night ratings are below the primetime data.

Broadcast primetime ratings for Tuesday, June 28, 2011:


"Moves Like Jagger" debuts in the No. 2 slot with 213,000

Over on the Digital Songs chart, Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" fends off the advances of Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera as the former holds at No. 1 (226,000; down 4%) while the latter pairing's new "Moves Like Jagger" debuts in the No. 2 slot with 213,000. The latter single premiered on the June 21 edition of NBC's "The Voice," where Maroon front man Adam Levine and Aguilera serve as coaches to the singing contestants.

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Favorite TV Personality
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Ryan Seacrest- American Idol
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Favorite Reality Competition
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American Idol
The Voice
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This is what we love about attending The Voice every week: The fans. We know that sounds corny, but we really do. Here you have a group of journalists watching a show live and seeing some very talented current and possibly future music stars and we have to admit that we can get jaded. At The Voice, the live audience makes that tough to do.

So, here’s a huge thank you to the fans with their “Team [fill in your favorite]” t-shirts, their awesome coordinated group yells of “I love you, [fill in your beloved coach or performer]” even when the audience warm-up guy asks that they not do that.

Thanks for reminding us to have fun, especially when we ask you how long you’ve been at the studio and they say, “Four hours. But, it was great!” Because, really, it is.
But, let’s get to what you really came here for: Here are 10 secrets that you didn’t see on television.
1. Time waits for no one, but… The Voice. The audience is asked to arrive at 4 p.m. to load into the studio. So, basically, they sit for four hours for a two-hour show. But as we mentioned above, they don’t seem to mind.

2. The warm-up guy was not in a good mood. We bag on the audience warm-up guy every week, but this week we felt kind of bad for him. Just kind of. He seemed very frustrated about audience members who weren‘t participating (which means acting the fool whenever he needs you to). On the other hand, we stopped feeling so bad for him when he started bagging on last week’s audience and then asked the people yelling that they love so and so to stop it. Does he want excited fans or not? He can’t have it both ways.

3. Brad and Blake take two. We can’t stress enough that “live” shows pre-tape segments a lot. We’re sure it relieves some of the stress of timing the show. And in Brad Paisley’s case, why have him stick around for two hours if he doesn’t have to? Paisley and coach Blake Shelton shot their performance twice before the live show started. Later, the coaches also pre-taped their group Queen number. Again, no judgment. By the way, the coaches take full advantage of when the pre-taped segments play: They get their makeup touched up, but many times they’re on their cell phones. Probably tweeting…

4. Cee Lo flashes the audience. First, are you still reeling from Cee Lo Green’s oriental-style red robe outfit? Our grandma covets that robe. To be quite honest, we’re OK with, even a bit appreciative of, him having a some fun with his wardrobe. One memorable moment was when he walked out for his audience intro and he flashed us. He was dressed underneath it, people!

5. Time waits for no one, but The Voice and… Christina Aguilera. Aguilera is always last to join the other coaches for the opening of the show. They all seem to be able to sit in their chairs and mess around with each other with plenty of time to spare. Aguilera, on the other hand, loves to run in as the last minute ticks away. She must give the show’s director at least a couple panic attacks each week. We figure a girl needs more prep time.

6. About 400 people glowing in three minutes. Remember how the audience held glow sticks during Pitbull and Ne-Yo’s performance? The Voice’s production team had to pass out about 400 glow sticks in about three minutes during the preceding commercial break. Can you imagine? Trying to get the mashed potatoes down the table at Thanksgiving takes longer than three minutes. Kudos to the show’s production team.

7. The warm-up guy mentions Rihanna’s tour to Cee Lo. Awkward. Two items about the audience warm-up guy (Someday, we’ll ask what his name is)? This is his lucky week! During a break, he made small talk with the coaches. At one point, he asked Cee Lo if he needed to get over to the Rihanna concert right after the show. Um, hello, he dropped out of the tour last week. Cee Lo took it in stride and simply said something to the affect of “due to certain circumstances he wasn’t doing the tour anymore.” Oops. Google is our friend, warm up guy.

8. Adam asked us to go out with him. Yeah right. During that same mingling session as above, Adam took a moment to compliment the competitors saying, “We have some really talented performers.” He then ended with “Let’s get drunk!”

9. Pitbull's junk in the trunk dancers had Cee Lo at hello. We loved that Pitbull’s dancers had curves and then some. What we loved even more was watching the "Lady Killa," Cee Lo reach out to them longingly through out the performance. Down, Cee Lo, down.

10. The obligatory Carson Daly observation. The host was in a generally good mood during the show taping. Usually, he’s pretty calm, sometimes too calm. On Tuesday, he was loving life. And you know what else he loved? Paisley and Shelton’s performance. Did we really just watch Carson do a country jig? Why yes we did.
Watch the coaches' group number below.
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Right before the start of Tuesday’s penultimate episode of The Voice, Adam Levine summed up the vibe of the amped-up crowd when he enthusiastically shouted “Let’s get drunk!” The hundreds and hundreds of Californians (not to mention a British couple who happened to sit by me and a bunch of Montana teens) who packed the 7th circle of Hell a very hot Studio 16 on the Warner Bros. lot seemed thrilled to see their idols perform live, and I’m not just talking about the ones in the red swivel chairs. Javier Colon, Dia Frampton,Vicci Martinez, and Beverly McClellan have already become downloaded stars in their own right, and the fact the finalists would be singing with their coaches made the whole thing a lot more fun to witness for pretty much everyone except Christina Aguilera. But more on her later.

All four contestants proved themselves worthy of the crown with their powerhouse performances, but guest star Brad Paisley and the four coaches were given some time to practice for their live moments, which were each performed twice before the show hit the east coast. The crowd was told to react in shock the second time Blake Shelton stood to serenade Aguilera, and was then semi-scolded when we didn’t cheer loud enough for her first ”Under Pressure” solo. Pitbull and Ne-Yo drew the short straw and performed totally live, and also had the honor of being the only performers to excite an otherwise aloof Aguilera.

But Voice fans will be happy to know that a lot more went down with the coaches – and it had nothing to do with their performances. For one thing, I can confirm that Green, Aguilera, and Shelton all spent a considerable amount of time either texting or Tweeting on their cell phones during the show. I can’t verify this obviously important information for Levine since I was sitting right behind his chair, but I did see all four coaches partake in the pre-show shot that EW noticed last week.

But all drinking and technology aside, we still had Green’s antics and personal hygiene issues, Aguilera’s nonchalant attitude, Levine’s adorability, and Shelton’s cell phone emergencies to deal with!

Green wins my award for the most engaging and most crowd-pleasing coach. Even though the fans screamed the loudest for “Team Adam” when prompted by the behind-the-scenes comic, it was Green who spent the most time physically and verbally interacting with them. From his generous high fives to his goofy jumping around, he seemed to have a lot of fun on Tuesday, even though his clamminess called for constant attention from a dedicated makeup team. At one point, Green proclaimed that his professional sweaty head-wiper was getting a raise next season, which prompted Levine to immediately kiss his iconically big bald head. See? Adorable. Green also told us that he ditched performing with Rihanna to be with us. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Levine was clearly the fangirl favorite of the night, and for very good reason—he’s a natural charmer. The Maroon 5 frontman didn’t clown around like Green, but he showed a lot of love to his contestant, Javier. The two showed their bromance when they high-fived and danced a little jig right before their live performance, and Levine was enthusiastically supportive of his main man during Javier’s solo act. The double fist pumps proved it!

Shelton’s contestant Dia seems to be a front-runner with the fans, so maybe that’s why the country crooner spent the 15 minutes before the show chatting on his cell phone. Could it have been an at-home emergency with his wife Miranda Lambert? Was he sounding off about his performance with Paisley? Either way, Shelton eventually found the time to join us, and seemed to put all of those homophobia rumors behind him when he kissed Carson Daly on the lips and later told the warm-up guy he was “damn good lookin.” When the warm-up guy asked if it was true that Lambert would be performing on Wednesday night, Blake assured the crowd that it was much more important that Dia would be performing. Aww.

Carson Daly spent most of his off-camera time rehearsing his upcoming lines behind the big silver fist closest to Levine’s chair, so there isn’t too much to be said about our dutifully dutiful host. Bravo for the dedication, Carson. It must be said that the former God of TRL put his hands on his belt and danced a little country jig when Paisley hit the stage, but he showed little to no response to the rest of the performances, and didn’t really interact with the coaches. He did give out fan high-fives and provided us with some witty banter, so I’ll give him some social brownie points for that.

Finally, there was Aguilera. Oh, Xtina, how badly I want to like you! She was appropriately supportive and enthusiastic when her progeny Beverly performed, but she spent the rest of the evening looking bored and distracted, and was definitely the worst cell phone offender. She even texted during Dia’s solo performance (which she then negatively critiqued, mind you). She refused to interact with the crowd, and kept oddly removing her spiky shoes as she relaxed, unmoving, in her chair. She also spent the most time backstage when the cameras weren’t rolling, but she definitely stayed around and cheered for Pitbull’s performance. She seemed to interact warmly between takes with her next-chair neighbor Green, but was cold and unapproachable to pretty much everybody else. Please learn to lighten up before next season hits, Aguilera.

Source: EW

Editor's Note:
I think it's unfair to critique Christina so harshly. Who says she has to exude an over-abundant amount of energy every single second? Furthermore, she's contractually obligated along with the other three star coaches to be on her phone throughout so give it up... I think that this author is just being too critical of her and is obviously paying the most attention to detail as it's clearly evident pointing out specific details about her 'oddly removing her spiky shoes as she relaxed' - I mean come on! Really? Give her a break! She's just getting comfortable for pete's sake. 'Refusing to interact with the crowd' is another absurd claim. Christina has always been introverted and this show, The Voice, has really pushed her outside of her comfort zone, and while we've all been genuinely pleased, excited, to see a new side to her, you have to realize she's still who she is through it all. We've only been so lucky to see her each and every single week and see her interacting in the social media world. Whenever she's backstage, I can personally attest to this since while I was at the Battle Rounds, I witnessed Christina doing interviews for the show backstage and whatnot. Please stop being so damn critical of her, and let her be. Afterall, she isn't going into your jobs giving you an unfair job evaluation. Also using the wording 'cold and unapproachable' is completely out of context. Christina is gracious to her fans that lend their support at each and every show whether she shows it or not. So get over it. - Joel


Tuesday, June 28, 2011




As NBC's hit singing competition nears the finish line, see who we think hit all the right notes (Dia!) and who fell flat (sorry, Xenia)
Xenia Martinez, ''Price Tag''

Before your criticisms pour in: Yes, Xenia's tone is great, her voice is unique, and she seems like a very nice girl. But her awkward stage presence made this quarter-final performance hard to sit through — especially when we were forced to watch Xenia robotically point to the left, then to the right. Knowing that the studio recording of the song is a vast improvement over the live rendition helps a little, but it doesn't change the fact that the televised version of this number was the very definition of uncomfortable.

Beverly McClellan, ''I'm the Only One''

If you can watch this insanely joyful performance without cracking a smile, you just might have a black hole where your heart should be. Beverly gets extra points for teaching us that you can look awesome while chicken dancing in a tea-length kilt.

Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera, Queen medley

When the coaches opened the very first episode of The Voice with a cover of Gnarls Barkley's ''Crazy,'' we were impressed. But when they kicked off the quarter-finals with a superfluous mishmash of Queen hits, we were just confused. Even Adam's mean guitar solo and Christina's best melismas couldn't save this inexplicable misfire.

Javier Colon, ''Fix You''

Javier decided to finally go easy on the vocal acrobatics during his semifinal performance, and his choice paid off — this Coldplay cover was his purest, cleanest number yet. The uptempo portion of the song also proved that Javier is more than just a balladeer. Who else thinks the guy should toss his hat away more often?

Tori & Taylor Thompson, ''Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy''

The Thompsons have been the targets of a lot of criticism on our lists, so I'll keep this brief: ''Boogie Woogie'' was a star-spangled travesty. When even Carson is snarking on you, you should know you've made a huge mistake.

Team Christina, ''Lady Marmalade''

Every member of Xtina's posse had a moment to shine during this electrifying group number — to say nothing of Christina herself, whose note-perfect performance reminded us why she's still a superstar. In my heart of hearts I want to believe that when it was over, the gals went backstage and toasted each other with diamond encrusted glasses. That's how divas do it, right?

Curtis Grimes, ''Addicted to Love''

Is there such a thing as transcendent blandness? If so, Curtis Grimes achieved it during his last Voice performance, which could have put a colicky, teething, overstimulated baby to sleep. To borrow from Precious, we'd call it fluorescent beige.

Dia Frampton, ''Heartless''

The performance that launched a million iTunes downloads. Yes, Dia didn't invent the idea of transforming Kanye's autotuned song into an acoustic ballad — but her rendition was powerful, soulful, and, perhaps most importantly, completely unforgettable. It transformed Dia from an unremarkable contestant to The Voice's frontrunner.

Jared Blake and Elenowen, ''Ain't No Mountain High Enough''

How do you take the joy out of one of the best Motown songs ever written? Lower it an octave, slow the tempo, and assign it to a cheesy rocker and a folksy pair who can't reach the right notes. Performances on The Voice's first season were rarely straight-up bad, but this battle was downright painful to behold.

Niki Dawson and Vicci Martinez, ''Perfect''

The Voice has never sounded better than during this duet, which closed out the show's first-ever battle episode. Both finalist Vicci and gone-too-soon Niki have rough, raw voices that suited the song to a T and blended beautifully. Each managed to attack every note without straining her voice, giving performances that sounded effortless but powerful. Or, in a word: Perfect.

Source: EW














The eight finalists on NBC’s singing competition series “The Voice” will tour together this summer, Billboard reported Tuesday.

Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez, Dia Frampton, Javier Colon, Nakia, Xenia, Casey Weston and Frenchie Davis will all perform on the tour. No dates or venues have been announced yet.

The show’s four singing-star coaches — Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine — will not be part of the tour. Sources told Billboard that tour organizers tried to convince the stars to join the tour alongside the contestants, but were unable to come to an agreement on compensation.

On “The Voice,” the four coaches can claim contestants they like as students, mentor them and then pit their teams of students against each other. Shelton tweeted Monday that he felt “like a proud papa” after learning that his “Voice” proteges Frampton and Xenia were going on the tour. “Show ‘em love!” he wrote.

Levine, who mentors Colon and Weston, tweeted, “LevineTeam members @Javstwtr and @casey_weston are hitting the road in July for #TheVoice Live on Tour. Go check them out. You can thank me later.”

While they are not joining the tour, the four “Voice” coaches will team up to perform the Rolling Stones’ hit “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” on Tuesday night’s live episode, NBC announced in a press release.

Source: FoxNews


The Voice is pulling out all the stops as the NBC competition series nears the end of its first season.

Stevie Nicks, Train's lead singer Pat Monahan and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder will join previously announced Miranda Lambert in performing with The Voice finalists.

Nicks will duet with Javier Colon, Monahan will perform with Vicci Martinez and Tedder will sing with Beverly McClellan on The Voice's season finale on Wednesday at 8 p.m. Lambert, who is married to musician coach Blake Shelton, is set to perform with Dia Frampton.

The Voice airs its penultimate episode Tuesday at 9 p.m. It will return for Season 2 in early 2012; the series also snagged the plum post-Super Bowl spot.




Last week, we told you about Christina Aguilera's new project, which basically consisted of her singing her ass off with a rock band, and flaunting her moves like Jagger. Of course, having actual moves like Jagger is near impossible, but during her performance of the song on "The Voice," Christina came damn close.

Today, we bring you yet another, blazing-hot Aguilera song. But, this time, it's en Español. "La Casa," Christina Aguilera's latest offering, is slated to appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming Will Ferrell movie, "La Casa de Mi Padre." But, don't be fooled, mis amigos. Just because "La Casa" isn't your typical sugary pop record doesn't mean it isn't oozing with classic Aguilera riffs and signature Aguilera vocal prowess. Her booming vocals are more impressive and dramatic than ever. Adding to the theatrics, the song is driven by a classic Latin horn section, rendering us pretty much powerless in the face of all of that passion. Queremos más, por favor!
Source: MTV


Time to check in with Germano Studios, whose rooms have abuzz with pop music production of late – from the radio hit-making to the avant-pop variety – hosting sessions with, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Ne-Yo and Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor among others. Here’s what’s been going on:

Christina Aguilera was at Germano recording vocals for a duet with Maroon 5 – the song “Moves Like Jagger” – with Manny Marroquin (Kanye West, Alicia Keys) engineering. She’s also been writing and recording with producer/songwriter Sandy Vee in sessions engineered by Kevin Porter.

Vee – whose songwriting/producing credits include Katy Perry’s “Firework,” Rhianna’s “Only Girl in the World” – was also working at Germano with Disney ingenue Demi Lovato, and with pop artist/singer Dev, writing and recording new material with Porter engineering.

Source: SonicScoop

Monday, June 27, 2011



Pitbull and Ne-Yo will perform “Give Me Everything” from Pitbull’s new album “Planet Pit” during the live performance episode of The Voice on Tuesday. Brad Paisley will also stop by to sing “Don’t Drink the Water” with coach Blake Shelton. The song is from Paisley’s recently released album, “This is Country Music.”

In addition, Shelton will join fellow coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Adam Levine in a performance of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” during Tuesday’s live show that’ll air from 9-11 p.m. The first season of The Voice ends Wednesday and will feature finalists Dia Frampton, Javier Colon, Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez.

Source: EW


Another notable project you lent your pen to was Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’. Yet, while received well in some corners, the LP didn’t fare well commercially. Why do you think that was?
I think it was a number of reasons; there’s a right time, right place for everything. I think the album – even right now – has never really been heard. I think people heard the first single and drew their conclusion and panned it without really giving it the fair listen it deserved. I did about 5 songs on the album, none of which got the exposure they deserved.

And I think if people did hear the full album the way she intended it to be heard, people would have a different impression of it. It’s not for me to say it’s her best album or her worst album. But… it’s a damn good album and I think people kind of trashed it after the first single like a piece of crap and didn’t want to hear it.

She works very hard and she has a vision and had a lot to say and did a lot of cool vocal things that was out the box for her. I think people weren’t ready to hear that from her yet, but she’s risen and learned from her mistakes. And I think the next time she’ll come out even bigger. We are already planning on working again. I’m not even going to worry about it.
Source: ThatGrapeJuice




If there's one person who agrees that Christina Aguilera should be making the most money on The Voice, it's her co-mentor Blake Shelton! "I read all the stuff," Blake tells Life & Style. "Like Christina is making more money than Adam [Levine]... Well, no s--t -- she's Christina Aguilera! Hell, I'd pay her more, too, you know what I mean?" Adam, 32, is reportedly receiving $75,000 per episode while Christina, 30, is raking in $225,000.

Despite reported rivalries between all of the show's mentors over their pay differences, Christina and Adam, who usually bicker on screen, hugged it out in a very public PDA during Wednesday's results show. Midway through the show, the Maroon 5 front man received news that his duet with Christina, "Moves Like Jagger," had just hit No. 1 on iTunes. Proving there was no love lost between the two, Adam made a beeline to his co-mentor and embraced her, then grabbed a microphone, an eyewitness tells Life & Style. "I just want to announce that our single has gone No. 1," beamed an exuberant Adam to the studio audience.

While Blake, 35, insists everything is pretty harmonious backstage, there are some tense moments. "Hell yes, we bitch at each other backstage, there's no question," he tells Life & Style. "When you work with people and are close to them, of course there will be times that you ask, 'What the hell, why did you say that?' But at the end of the day, there's not any of them I wouldn't consider a friend. I consider everyone on the show a friend."

Tune in for the live results show and season finale on Wednesday, June 29 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Source: Life&Style


During this first season of NBC’s The Voice, the drama hasn’t always been about the contestants.

In fact, critics have speculated that there’s onstage (and offstage) tension between coaches Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera.

So naturally, we were surprised when we heard the two were teaming up for Maroon 5‘s new single, “Moves Like Jagger.’

Our very own Carson Daly premiered the track worldwide this morning on AMP Radio and Adam called in to explain what’s going on behind the scenes!

The new single started trending worldwide on Twitter almost instantly and seems to be well on its way to becoming a summer sensation.

Carson got Adam Levine on the line to talk about working with Christina on both this track and The Voice:

If you missed the world premiere of “Moves Like Jagger” this morning on AMP Radio, take a listen right here!

"You know what, I think it’s going to be a great thing working together because I think she’s an amazing talent. We kind of are stupid, a little bickering on the show, but it doesn’t mean anything, you know? We’re just playing around and I think this will be a testament to the fact that we’re not going to let the reality TV gods pit us against each other."
But remember, The Voice is still a competition and Adam will do whatever it takes to defeat one of Team Xtina‘s strong contenders:
"I wanted Beverly [McClellan]. I really wanted her, but I lost her and now I must destroy her!"
But no matter what, two of Adam’s beloved team members are getting voted off in tonight’s show.

Do you think he’ll get as emotional as Christina did last week? Here’s his take on the situation:
"I love those guys so much and I understand how Blake and Christina felt last week because I’m torn up about it. It’s going to be difficult. The good news is that everyone’s gotten a lot of exposure and a lot of recognition from the show already, so I don’t really consider anyone to be a loser. No one’s lost, but people do have to move forward, so it’ll be tough."

Source: AMPRadio

Friday, June 24, 2011


Christina Aguilera steps out of her car at a recording studio on Thursday (June 23) in Burbank, Calif.

The 30-year-old singer waved to fans as she strutted her way inside!

Adam Levine, who is a coach for The Voice alongside Christina, recently spoke with Rolling Stone magazine about his relationship with the superstar.

When asked if they had hooked up in the past, Adam responded: “I just met her a couple of days before we started shooting! I don’t know where it comes from. We just bicker like brother and sister, and part of it is fabricated by the television gods.”

“But she’s great. I respect the sh– out of her. She’s going through a tough time, and God bless her. This show is great for her. But if she busts my balls, I’ll bust hers,” Adam continued.

Source: JustJared

Thursday, June 23, 2011




NBC talent shows trumped all Wednesday, with the Peacock coasting to a primetime ratings victory on a night skewed at the outset by President Obama's address to the nation.

Back-to-back episodes of "America's Got Talent" topped the night among overall viewers and those 18-49, followed in the ratings by lead-in "The Voice," as NBC won all three hours of primetime. Next most popular on the night was Gold Cup soccer coverage on Univision.

According to preliminary nationals from Nielsen, "Talent" peaked at 9 p.m. (3.8 rating/11 share in 18-49, 12.8 million viewers overall), then dropped slightly at 10 p.m. (3.2/9, 11.5 million). "The Voice" (2.9/9, 9.0 million), whose start was pushed by approximately 15 minutes in Eastern markets by the president's speech, topped the 8 p.m. hour.

Univision's nightlong soccer coverage, which bridged matches between Panama vs. the U.S. and Honduras vs. Mexico, stayed in the mid-2s in the demo with more than 5 million overall viewers.

Fox's two-hour "So You Think You Can Dance" (2.0/6, 5.7 million) was a solid second among the English-language broadcasters.

The night's top-rated scripted program was ABC's 9 p.m. comedy "Modern Family" (1.6/5, 4.5 million), which topped CBS' "Criminal Minds" (1.3/4, 6.5 million) in the demo. "Happy Endings" (1.1/3, 2.9 million) shed roughly a third of the "Modern" lead-in at 9:30 p.m.

At 10 p.m., ABC's premiere of "Primetime Nightline: Beyond Belief" (1.3/4, 4.8 million) beat out CBS' "Blue Bloods" (1.0/3, 5.8 million) to avoid last place in the hour.

ABC's 8 p.m. programming consisted of two episodes of "The Middle" (1.1/3, 4.4 million on average), which finished ahead of the first of two segments of the CW's "America's Next Top Model."

Preliminary 18-49 averages for the night: NBC 3.3/10, Univision 2.6/8, Fox 2.0/6, ABC 1.2/4, CBS 1.1/3, CW 0.4/1.

In total viewers: NBC 11.1 million, Fox 5.7 million, CBS 5.6 million, Univision 5.4 million, ABC 4.3 million, CW 0.9 million.

Source: Variety