Monday, December 14, 2009

Stephen Webster Launching Christina Aguilera-Inspired Jewelry Line.

Christina Aguilera is already the face of Stephen Webster's celeb-favored jewelry line -- and rocks a 5-carat Webster wedding ring -- now she's also serving as the inspiration for the British jeweler's diffusion line, which will retail for $25-$70 on Aguilera's Web site starting March 2010.

"It's by Stephen Webster but it's Christina Aguilera-inspired," Webster explained to StyleList during a visit to Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. "We're making the collection now and it's really for her fan base -- for young people, not for my customers."

"It's got to fit in where Juicy Couture jewelry fits," he told us, before elaborating on the design details.

"I took some iconic things about Christina and made it into jewelry. I did a really cool big chain with big lips and the part that goes through the lips is a rose. There's a Christina charm bracelet and we did some things with her pets, some hats she's worn and something burlesque-themed," he said.

"I worked with my young team on it and they love the project. Christina's never had anything like this and the only experience we've had is the mosquito ring we did."

The mosquito ring he's referring to is a $75 piece of costume jewelry Webster created for the charity Malaria No More UK. It's a white gold-plated and faux diamond and ruby ring which was photographed numerous times on Victoria Beckham. Two shipments of 300 both sold out in a matter of hours on this fall.

"If all of these things sort of work, I'd then think we are ready to do a collaboration," Webster revealed, referring to a deal with a fast fashion retailer along the lines of H&M.

"But you have to have a real buzz around your brand with the people who shop at H&M and Target. Otherwise, it doesn't always work with jewelry. You've got to have that frenzy."

Here's hoping his Aguilera line drums up the hype he's waiting for. We have a feeling affordable Stephen Webster jewelry at a mass retailer would do just fine... um, now. (Hint, hint.)

Celebrity jewelry lines seem to be the way to go these days. Check out Brad and Angelina's new collection of gems.

Source: StyleList
Credit: XtinaNews

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