Friday, April 30, 2010


Christina Aguilera's Fans Weigh In On 'Not Myself Tonight Video'

'Christina is a pop-cultural reflection of the world,' one fan says.

Christina Aguilera is back, and she didn't bring a whole lot of clothing with her. The star's "Not Myself Tonight" video showcases the 29-year-old singer in one revealing outfit after another — a chain-mail bikini, a see-through raincoat, some red lingerie — in a pop-culture mashup that pays tribute to Madonna, Michael Jackson and others. It's quite a rebirth for Aguilera as she gets set to unleash Bionic, her first studio album since 2006. And, on an otherwise sleepy Friday afternoon, the video has been burning up the Web.
"I just love it," says MTV reader dvnovert. "Christina is a pop-cultural reflection of the world. She breathes in culture just like all of us, but expels [it in] a deliciously fresh and exciting and superior way to all that have come before and all who have come since. Christina is the one to beat: beauty, brains, rhythm, voice and charisma to boot!"
Many fans have noted similarities between the video and recent efforts from Lady Gaga. Reader Mark Anthony Sanchez, for one, views Aguilera as the true artistic trailblazer.
"I love the direction she is taking her music," he writes. "Since her start she was doing her own thing and not caring what anybody says. This woman has been around 10-plus years and for anybody to pin her against Gaga is seriously dumb. They are their own person and do their own thing."
MTV reader Rbearcuub agrees, writing,
"You cannot even compare them. What do they have in common? Music! Gaga at least sings, unlike [Britney] Spears in concert. But she has her lane and Xtina has her own damn highway."
Comparisons aside, some folks simply weren't digging the video.
"Christina used to give videos that were fresh and edgy with meaning and integrity," wrote reader Ericstar. "This oversexed video reveals a huge awareness among her people that she is now competing on the same platform as Gaga. The video lacks depth and does no more than try to prove that Christina is more advanced than the new top female in her arena. She's relying strictly on fetish to do it. If Christina disagrees with the comparisons and feels like Gaga has borrowed one too many pages from her book, she ought to be confident enough to challenge herself and step out in a new direction."
But as most fans realize, that's exactly what she already is doing.
"I think what Christina did was amazing," reader Marco wrote. "I love her video and I can't wait to have Bionic. You rock Christina, you are the best."
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Source: MTV

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