Thursday, February 3, 2011


He also said producers DJ Premier and Pharrell are involved with the LP.
"I'm recording every day for no reason," Game added. "Pharrell is executive producer and it ain't gone change. I got Dre producing on the album, I got Premier. Like all the people I've wanted on one album, are on this album. I knocked out like two, three joints with Premier before I left on tour, so maybe sh*t, the end of like October, but, I'm probably gonna use one on the album. Premier sent me the joints he did. Something he don't never do. Premier don't send you sh*t through e-mail, but we've been meaning to catch up to each other and work, and he was doing some stuff with Christina Aguilera and some other things so he be everywhere. So he ended up saying, 'I'll just send you these joints. I made this for you.'" (Complex)

Source: SOHH

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