Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Usher better watch his back!

Christina Aguilera may have had her poker face on during last night’s The Voice, but the “Beautiful” pop star couldn’t stop smiling for Jonathas' rendition of “You Got It Bad.” Aguilera loved it so much that she turned her chair for the lucky father-of-two, which almost sounds like Usher’s vocal clone.

"If I were to make it on a team for 'The Voice,' this would mean the world for my kids," Jonathas mentioned. "This would change their lives. It would give me the satisfaction that my mom didn't bring me here for nothing." Jonathas emigrated from Brazil to the U.S. when he was just 5.

Fellow judge Cee-Lo also happened to pick Jonathas, but the Brazilian singer decided to go on team Aguilera after her convincing pitch. "In my world, in my genre, in my tours, I've gotten to know some of the best choreographers," she said. "I want to mold you and package you and do the right thing by you... now I feel like Cee-Lo."

Cee-Lo joked about X-Tina having ‘package’ on her mind, but it seems to us that she is all about picking up her game. The pop star also landed Monique and Anthony, who rocked Marvin Gaye's classic "What's Goin' On."

Watch Jonathas' performance below and let us know what was your favorite performance on last night's The Voice?

Source: Latina

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