Monday, December 13, 2010


Singer and film star Christina Aguilera has given a message of support to X Factor runner-up Rebecca Ferguson.

While promoting her new movie Burlesque, the 29-year-old diva told ITN Rebecca should not feel bad about missing out on the title.

She referenced her own experience on talent shows, saying, "I was in a similar competition on television when I was seven years old - it was called Star Search at the time - big show back then, and I didn't win either and look at me now, so Rebecca should have nothing to feel bad about."

Christina sang a duet with the Liverpudlian on Saturday's X Factor show, before performing a raunchy routine from her new film.

Referencing past performances on the X Factor, Aguilera also said she would never lip sync on stage:

"Part of what I love about live recording is that it's real and it comes from the heart, and there's really nothing false about it."


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