Friday, December 10, 2010


Christina Aguilera's racy photos that are blanketing the web are of a concern to the Burlesque star. The racy photos show her in various forms of undress, and have her fuming about the origins. A hacker is thought to be behind the malicious distribution of private photos. But could the alleged hacker be her estranged husband?

Christina Aguilera is not accustomed to controversy. The former Disney star of The Mickey Mouse Club got her star there from 1993 to 1994, but soon branched off to showcase her singing talent with a record deal. She is best known for her hit singles, What a Girl Wants, Genie in a Bottle and the smash, Beautiful, not racy photos, up until now.

Although she went on to make a hit record with Lady Marmalade, stepping a bit on the wild side, Christina Aguilera has lived a rather quiet lifestyle, free from the controversy that her former Mickey Mouse Club gal pal, Britney Spears finds herself in from time to time.

Christina Aguilera and The Racy Photos

But, recently, Christina Aguilera learned her racy photos, part of a private collection, had been posted on internet sites, and had been distributed to media outlets for profit. The photos show the Not Myself Tonight singer in various poses with little or next to nothing on. One shows her draped in lace and tassels sporting pasties on her breasts, not much more.

Her legal peeps said it amounted to "reprehensible" behavior and they would pull out the big guns and prosecute the hacker to the full extent of the law. They believe it was a hacker who distributed the Christina Aguilera racy photos because they were only shared with her hairstylist.

However, no word has been mentioned about the hairstylist or even why they were in possession of the racy photos. However, the attorneys do mention a time line in which the photos were taken. Here's the kicker: they mention Christina Aguilera's racy photos in the same sentence as her estranged husband, Jordan Bratman. They split months ago, and word on the street is they didn't part in good spirits. Could it be...? Perhaps the truth about the hot photos will surface soon, but they do show that, according to her new song, "she (Christina) is not the same girl".

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