Friday, July 29, 2011


LADY GaGa steps out looking remarkably similar to singing rival Christina Aguilera.
For years we've applauded the superstar for her unique sense of style.

But with her bright red lips, pale face, fake eyelashes and poker straight long hair parted in the middle, she appears to have pinched Xtina's stylist and make-up team.

The daring figure-hugging black dress is also something one would expect to find in Miss Aguilera's wardrobe.

The star's new look was unveiled as GaGa left the posh Chateau Marmont in Hollywood for her appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show.

Source: TheSun


  1. Waiting for 'Monters' to claim that Christina in fact copied her...impossible? To us yes but try telling them that lol

  2. Gaga copies everyone. She was never unique. She always took bits and pieces from other female artists. This woman has no talent and no originality.

  3. @Jellybean...I believe the "Monsters" are speechless because they know for a fact that Lady Gaga copies Xtina and not the other way around. We all know that Gaga is a fake blonde.

    @Anna...Yes, Gaga is NOT unique and I hate it when people thinks so. They should look up Ladytron and Goldfrapp and see that she copies them too.

  4. Christina obviously invented blonde hair and red lipstick. Lol... what a fucking unprofessional flop of a fansite.

  5. lolz gaga is a least christina looks human!

  6. evvver is better than gaga! <3