Thursday, October 6, 2011


While Katy Perry is readying a "special," yet unspecified new project in the studio with her unreleased 'Teenage Dream' tracks, Britney Spears' own unreleased 'Femme Fatale' song 'Everyday' has just surfaced on the web.

While the piano ballad is quite lovely and surprisingly emotional for the usually robotic, hyper-produced Brit Brit, it doesn't exactly fit with the rest of the booty-shaking anthems on 'Femme Fatale,' so it's not entirely surprising it was left off the album.

"Everyday, the sun comes up again/ A little hope begins/ And it starts with you, 'cause you get me through it/ And everyday closer to the shore/ I smile a little more/ And because of your faith, I get closer now everyday," Britney sings, flexing her pipes without (as much) Auto-Tune to hide behind.

Pretty as the Britney B-side may be, some are already starting to draw the comparisons between the newly surfaced track and another ballad, Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful.' From chord progression to lyrics, the new track may resurrect the old pop princess rivalry between Brit and her fellow ex-Mousketeer Xtina -- or at least between their fans.

Do you hear the similarities between the two tracks? Listen to Britney's 'Everyday' and Christina's 'Beautiful' below and leave your comments!


Source: AOL


  1. SO much alike.. it's sickening.

  2. I hear it! lol Cute song. :)

  3. For me it sounded like Beautiful too. But happy to see Britney can sing, even little bit.

  4. Omg it does. Beautiful is way better!

  5. It sounds VERY like Beautiful. Especially when she starts to sing the line "Everyday" I have nothing against Britney by the way, hats off to her for singing for once but I hate it when songs like this come out and they think they can try to steal the magic of anther song. There is only one Beautiful

  6. Everydat is not from Femme Fatale, it's a bit older, it's from 2006, it was recorded alongside Let Go, Baby Boy, Rebellion and State of Grace.. look them up, they're even better.. And yeah, Everyday sounds A LOT like Beautiful..