Sunday, October 2, 2011


Christina Aguilera does fragrance like a diva, and we're frankly all the better for it. In the commercial for her new scent, "Secret Potion," a gorgeous Xtina steps out into an elevator wearing a basic black dress. But then Christina starts spritzing herself with her "Secret Potion," and as the scent fills the elevator, her basic (but still OK) dress transforms into a way-more-exciting sequin gown. WAIT, WHAT? This perfume makes you smell like Christina Aguilera and transforms you into a glitter queen? Sign me up!

As she gives the camera a classic hair flip (LOVES!), Christina exits the elevator into a fancy party. And just when you think this commercial can't get any sultrier (because the smooth loungey jazz is already sultry, mind you) Christina whips her hair around and gives the camera one last knowing look, which ushers in a voice-over (VO, as we say in the "biz"), which imparts this fortune-cookie-esque nugget of troof: "Because every woman has their secret"... followed by a seductive "shhhhhhh."

Don't worry, Christina! We definitely won't tell anyone that you didn't have time in your busy schedule to go home and switch outfits. Also, you smell both expensive and highly talented.

Source: MTVBuzzworthy

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