Thursday, December 9, 2010


Guys, today my most longing dream came true. I was on the first row at the press conference in Madrid. She saw me with all the albums' covers and she smiled and blew me a kiss. Once the conference was done, I told her (I didn't shout 'cause she was like 2 meters away) 'Christina, can you please sign the covers for me?' Her more than rude bodyguard was like telling her to go back inside, so she put his hand off her and came down to the first row to greet me and sign the covers for me. I told them I love her to death and that she's a huge part of the person I've become. She smiled and told me that's what actually makes her never want to stop. I went also to the premiƩre and OMG! she looked stunning. When she took her coat off, everybody kept saying "She's got a killer body". To those of you going to London and Berlin you'll agree with me. Her weight in pictures has nothing to do with what she really is. She's perfect and way more gorgeous than you could ever imagine in person.
I just couldn't be any happier now, guys, I'm in heaven...
Editor's Note:
THANK YOU DamibP! Incredible Story!

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  1. I am really glad in the end you have made that dream come true!!! I know she is one of the most important things in your life and her songs have helped you so much passing many not so good years... I wish u the best. U know it perfectly. A great hug.