Friday, April 1, 2011


In recent years pop icon Christina Aguilera has faced declining record sales and has been eclipsed by younger up-and-coming stars. After a failed attempt to reinvent herself by following in the footsteps of Lady GaGa, Aguilera has found new life in the music industry by taking over vocal duties for Finnish metal act Nightwish.

The band issued the following statement about the lineup change and about parting ways with Anette Olzon:

“Anette gave us an undeniable pop presence, which really opened up our audience and let us do things we hadn’t been able to do before. Unfortunately due to personal differences we have parted ways with Anette and we wish her the best of luck in her next endeavor.

“Nightwish will now be exploring even new musical territory with the fantastic Christina Aguilera. Inevitably the press will question how she can work out in a metal band, but so far the fit has been perfect and I think the fans will really be blown away. Her soulful style of singing fits our music perfectly.”

Reportedly a new song and music video titled “Bye Bye More Beautiful” is in the works.

Source: MetalUnderground


  1. That first paragraph sucks! I know you guys didnt write it but...following the footsteps of Lady Gaga!?!

  2. Have you people ever heard about April's Fool? Nightwish makes a joke every year! hahaha

  3. Haha well Christina would be better for Nightwish then Anette

  4. Its april Fools Day...
    Every eyear they do it (LIke in 2007 they say that the new album was caled Faster Harder Nightwish, but nem album was called Dark Passion Play, and etc...)...
    Anette Olzon still is on Nightwish, The band will release a film along with new album 'Imaginarium', and the presence of Anette Olzon is more than confirmed, both on the record, as in the movie (which the band will make only cameo appearances, ñ are the main presonages)

  5. FUCK for the first paragraph!! GAGA is copying C.A!!! U HAVE TO KNOW IT!!!