Friday, June 11, 2010


Cher has a new movie in the works – “Burlesque” – opposite Christina Aguilera, but don’t let the title fool you. The 64-year-old told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on Thursday night that the film isn’t as saucy as it sounds – at least when it comes to her role.

“How sexy is Burlesque? Christina Aguilera was going off on it with me two nights ago,” Billy asked Cher on the red carpet on Thursday as she headed into the AFI Life Achievement Award celebration for director Mike Nichols.
“I don’t know how sexy it is,” the 64-year-old said. “I just think it’s really good and there are some, you know, there are some sexy moments,” she said. “You know, how sexy are [co-star] Stanley Tucci and I gonna be in some sort of a love scene?”
“Burlesque,” which opens on November 24, will find Cher playing a former club dancer, who now runs the club Christina Aguilera’s character – Ali Rose — becomes a part of. The movie has been filming for months and wasn’t easy on Cher’s feet.

Cher recently had to pull out of some of her shows at Caesars Palace after re-injuring her tootsies, and she said “Burlesque” didn’t help.
“You were [sidelined] for a night?” Billy asked.

“A couple of nights. Also, when I did ‘Burlesque,’ I was on 16 hour days in the highest heels I’ve ever worked on and it was hard,” she said.
As for her Vegas show cancellations, which occurred at the end of last month, Cher explained to Billy it had to do with her previous injury.
“My toes [have] been broken a whole bunch of times so I was having a really hard time with it,” Cher told Billy. “I still am [hurt], but I’m working on [it]. It’s getting better.”
Source: AccessHollywood
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