Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Nobody can sing like Christina Aguilera. That's obvious. But you know what else? Nobody can look like they're singing like Christina Aguilera, either.

Just today, the platinum blond bombshell performed live on the Today show to promote the release of her upcoming album, Bionic. And in looking at the snaps from her performance, I was struck by just how much of a pro she has become at looking like she's singing really well. I mean, she sings really well! But part of that is that she really looks like she's singing well.

For instance, the above is clearly Christina trilling away at some point in a song, showing off her scale-climbing ability.

Below, we see her obviously singing the word, "yeaheahaha," with all her might:

And it's not just the really acrobatic singing! Here's the singing face Christina makes when she is singing provocative lyrics about her "Woohoo" or something...

Source: MTV

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