Thursday, June 10, 2010


Christina Aguilera is woman, hear her roar. She calls her new album 'Bionic' for its often futuristic sound, but also because she feels women today have to be almost superhuman to get everything done.

"I always am in support of strong women and trying to encourage them to not be ashamed of anything to do with their sexuality or labels and all that crap that has been put upon us for centuries now," she tells PopEater. "'Bionic' taps into all women in a sense that we are all mothers, we give birth, we do things that are not even remotely expected from a man, and we get labels that aren't given to men for doing the same exact thing."

Since her last album, 2006's 'Back to Basics,' Aguilera's become a mother and an actress -- she stars with Cher in the upcoming film 'Burlesque' -- but don't expect her to derail her career for the mommy track. "I wear so many different hats; it's quite the juggling and balancing act," she says. "[It's] important to me that I face these challenges and keep my career goals and focuses and that I don't change just because I've become a mother or a wife. I still find it crucial that I remain true to myself [as] an artist that's constantly changing the way I have for the past decade."

'Bionic' is in stores now. Watch PopEater's full interview with Aguilera below.

Source: PopEater

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