Thursday, October 21, 2010


Halloween is nearly two weeks away and you've prob been racking your brain trying to figure out the perfect costume. We get it -- store bought costumes are all horrifically (pun intended) cheesy. Plus, you know there'll be about 20 Snooki's and 50 Gaga's at every party. What to do?

With the new flick Burlesque coming out on November 24th, featuring Christina Aguilera and Cher in all their ferociousness, be on-trend this Halloween with a burlesque look you can grab right out of your own closet.

First, head over to your closet and look for short dresses with bold accents. If you have something with a lot of sequins or glitter, wear it! The burlesque look is all about shimmer and flash under the bright stage lights, or in your case, your friend's cameras. If you don't have the time, wear a simple black dress. Shorter is key, but remember you want to look classy! Accessorize with feather boas or other over-the-top accessories.

Get FISHNETS! If there's anything that is required to nail a burlesque look, it's a pair of black fishnets or patterned tights, of course. Fishnets have a history of being associated with cabaret, burlesque, and other performance looks. You'll want to be as girly and expressive as possible. Alloy's got a fab pair of super warm textured tights you'll love! ($16.90)

Grab a ridiculously high pair of heels. We're talking as high as possible. If you can barely walk in them, then they are probably perfect. Alloy's Gaze platforms ($39.90) should do just the trick. Nothing says flirty like the perfect pair of sky high pumps. Keep it fashionable, though! Remember, you're dressing up as a burlesque dancer, who is known for her elegant pin-up beauty. Accessorize your outfit with some great silver costume jewelry. Layer it on! The more the better.

Hair and makeup will complete the look, so be ready to spend a little extra time here. A good person to model your burlesque look after is, of course, Miss Christina Aguilera. For a really dramatic look, buy a cropped blonde wig or a long jet black one. (They are super cheap and they'll definitely have it around for Halloween!)

For makeup, have fun! Remember that this is a costume, so more is more. Grab a foundation in a shade lighter than your tone then apply a crimson shade of blush. For your eyes, use vanilla-colored eye shadow blended into black eye liner. Then define your brow by filling in an arched shape with a pencil. Your lips should be super red (we love L'Oreal's HIP lip gloss!!). Finish off your face with a fake mole drawn on with the pencil. The final touch? Faux eyelashes for a dramatic effect.

You're done! Don't forget to see the movie that inspired your look, Burlesque, in theaters November 24th!

Source: Alloy

Credits: Boo

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