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Pop Diva Stumps for World Food Day

From child prodigy to platinum pop star, Christina Aguilera has maintained a brisk career pace since breaking from a Disney apprenticeship as a "new Mouseketeer" to focus on a solo recording and performing career. The petite blonde soprano has evolved from the teen siren of the late '90s to mainstream success with her subsequent albums and singles, branching out stylistically to integrate elements of classic pop and even pre-rock swing into her synthesis of more-contemporary influences.

Following a hiatus from recording to start a family, with son Max arriving in January 2008, Aguilera has recently doubled down with a new studio album, "Bionic," released in June, followed by her big-screen debut as the star of "Burlesque," a musical pairing her with another music and movie icon, Cher. It's set to open on Thanksgiving Eve.

At a time when the typical publicity playbook would direct her to focus on talking up her records or movie debut, Christina Aguilera is focusing instead on World Food Day, the annual observance of global initiatives to combat hunger around the world. This year finds Aguilera drawing from her experiences visiting Haiti in the wake of the devastation of January's earthquakes and Guatemala to witness firsthand how the World Food Programme aids people from around the world during times of crisis.

MSN Music recently interviewed Aguilera about her involvement with the organization and its new, interactive Web initiative,, designed to deepen participation for people committed to addressing a chronic international issue.

MSN Music: You're in the midst of one of your busiest years ever, career-wise, with a new studio album, "Bionic," and your forthcoming big-screen debut, starring in "Burlesque" alongside Cher, just weeks away. Was it daunting to add your efforts as a spokesperson for World Food Day and the new WeFeedback social drive to an already crowded calendar?
Christina Aguilera: It is always difficult to find more time, but when it comes to a cause that really matters, you find the time. To know that by lending my name and my voice I can impact change and help kids go from hunger to hope means so much. There are priorities in life, and the World Food Programme is one of them.
How do you view the crisis in world hunger? Do you think it's an issue that gets enough media attention?
I can't say what does and does not deserve attention. Every cause is important in its own way, and if I could help every cause, I think I would, but as a mom, this cause spoke to me. To know that almost 1 billion people are going hungry, and most of them are children, is a number I just can't live with. A third of all deaths in small children in developing countries is linked to hunger. I knew I had to help.
How did you get involved with this project? Were you already aware of World Food Day?
I wasn't aware of World Food Day until I started working with the UN World Food Programme and Yum Brands. I had a meeting with the organization and traveled to Guatemala to see the problem firsthand, and after that, I knew I had to be part of this cause.
Has your involvement heightened your sense of urgency about how hunger impacts societies around the world? Has your view of hunger here in the U.S. been changed?
Yes, it really has. Since I joined, we broke records with the amount of money raised, over $22 million, and as an ambassador for the UN World Food Programme, I hope to break this record in years to come.
Does your family life, as a young mother and wife, bring this mission even closer to home?
In the most raw way.

To have a child of your own and then travel to Haiti and Guatemala and interact with mothers who can't feed their own child is gut-wrenching. You can't help but want to do something to effect change. WFP provides over 20 million schoolchildren with meals. Whether it be porridge, lentils, rice, it all helps keep them alert for school and gives them a chance to grow up to be smart, strong adults.
Tell us a little more about your role. How will you be participating in
By joining the campaign, by telling the stories of what amazing work the World Food Programme is doing in so many dangerous places around the world. To know that just 25 cents feeds a child in school for a day is just a stunning number, don't you think? I will ask all of my friends and fans to join me. We can end hunger -- I really believe this.
How will you spread the word about the WeFeedback campaign?
The power of the Internet can bring the world together and change the world. That's why I will be taking part in this campaign. If the billion Internet users helped the almost 1 billion hungry people with just a small donation we could end hunger. My website will be joining this campaign, I will ask all of my friends to pitch in, too.
How can your fans help to drive awareness?
Sign my petition against hunger and see more about my trips to the field at You can also go to and see how your donation can help feed children.
How can your colleagues and peers in entertainment help out?
By doing the same. Go to and join us on
Source: MusicMSN

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