Friday, January 22, 2010

'Hope For Haiti Now' Performances: A Track-By-Track List


Christina Aguilera: "Lift Me Up"

Produced and composed by longtime Aguilera collaborator Linda Perry, this soaring track will be included on the pop superstar's next album, Bionic. Perry and Aguilera have worked on a number of successful songs together, including "Hurt," "Candyman," "Keeps Gettin' Better" and 2002's memorable hit "Beautiful."

Perry accompanied Aguilera, playing piano during the singer's performance. The elegant singer belted out "Lift Me Up" with vigor and a chilling vitality. "When you see me crashing and there's nowhere left to fall, will you lift me higher?" she sang.

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  1. another spellbindig collaboration!! love her soaring voice in this song. GREAT JOB Christina. thanks to you for posting this.