Friday, January 29, 2010

IAmAmIWhoAmI Viral Video Breakdown

- The Music from the videos sounds like something the people she collaborated with would produce
- "iamamiwhoami" sounds like her song title "You Are What You Are" which itself has an electronic instrumental with a similar vibe to the music we've heard from the videos
- "Bionic" means something artificial mimics something from nature (the electronic music as a contrast to the organic videos, the tags "machine" and "wood" in the first video.)- Christina was quoted saying the following "I'm very excited [about] this whole incredible thing that's taken place in my life, between the pregnancy and the birth. I've been brainstorming for the last nine months of my pregnancy. This next album will have a whole new me. A different me." in February 2008. As we all know, the videos depict a pregnancy.- Christina has called herself a "night owl" in November 2009. There is an owl in the 2nd video and a song called "Birds of Prey" on her album. The video clip of the owl was appropriated from an owl video which happens to have "birds of prey" as a tag.- The girl in the 2nd video has similar facial features.- Adding up the numbers in the title of the first video and translating its numeric placing with the alphabet would result in the following initials: CH.AG
- Adding up the numbers in title of the 3rd video and translating its numeric placing with the alphabet would result in the following phrase: I.T.S.M.E.C- The 3rd video includes strawberry cakes. She wore a strawberry cake shirt the day prior to the leak of that video. Strawberry shortcakes are hugely popular in Japan. Christina said she was inspired by Tokyo and there is a song on her album called "Kimono Girl".- The 3rd video includes a sequence with a whale. The song is Lullabyesque. There is a SIA Whale festival. Sia. apparently wrote a Lullabyesque Track with Christina.-You can practically hear the word 'Bionic' in the third video if you listen with high-quality earphones. Many trustworthy LD member can attest to this

Physical Similarities:
'Xtina' written on the knee in Viral Video #3:

Viral Video #3's release day coincided with Christina wearing a shirt at the Pee-Wee Herman event depicting the image of a strawberry cake which is also found in the Viral Video #3:
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