Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Men Say Women Are Overdoing It with the Makeup

Apparently Guys think that women that cake on their make-up are extremely unattractive. Christina Aguilera is looked at as a turn off. I have to disagree with that. I think that Christina looks amazing when she wears make-up and when she doesn't wear make-up. I can't believe they compared her make-up to Jordan's.
“Thick layers of caked-on foundation, a favorite fashion trait of celebs like Jordan and Christina Aguilera, emerged as one of the biggest turn-offs – as did overdoing blusher. Gloopy mascara and panda eyes caused by leaving make-up on overnight were also hailed as a no-no by the nation’s men. But while around 18 per cent of blokes wish their partner would ease off on the war-paint broaching the subject wasn’t so easy. Just over half said they had voiced their opinion,” the Telegraph writes of the findings of the survey, conducted on 2,000 adults.
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