Monday, July 27, 2009


This time around Christina has been working with so many people these past couple of months on her NEW forth coming album but there are only 2 people that we can count on to at least give us some info about it. These past couple of days Sia has twitted about how she has been at Christina's house, watching movies, and she even got to listen to her NEW CD. The only thing is that she isn't allowed to give us any info about besides letting us know that it is going to be GOOD AS FUCK!

Read Sia's Tweets below:

Sia via Twitter:
off to christina's for coraline in 3D. but first some reflexology. amanda is kicking my arse up and down those stairs.ouch.(but no kicking)
Sia via Twitter:
hi,i'm not allowed to say anything more about xtina's record. i'm not trying to be disrespectful.sorry to the 412 people i couldn't reply to
Come on SIA tell us something!

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