Saturday, July 11, 2009


Finally home from work, I had a long day, but I bought some awesome shoes! I love them! That made my day much better. So I know ya’ll are dying to know what happened today at the meeting. Well I have good news and bad news! Let me start off with the bad news first,

Bad News: What I am about to explain is difficult to understand if you don’t know what the hell I'm talking about. Everything takes TIME! So don’t expect results tomorrow morning. The entertainment business takes months and months to plan, shoot, edit, a 30-second commercial. Not to mention everything else...

Good News: I have a source that can help us get what we want; what do we want?

Exclusive Media Credentials to Interview Christina Aguilera
Document each of our journeys to the Christina Aguilera Concert. I.E. (Packing at home, time at the airport, arriving at the destination, hotel, meeting each other for the first time, mere minutes before meeting Christina, the actual meet & greet, and our thoughts afterwards and how meeting Christina has changed our lives).

How do we get this?

We need to increase traffic to this site! TELL EVERYONE! We need to affiliate with other fan clubs.

Report FACTUAL information and cite the SOURCE.

For Example:
According to Christina Aguilera has appeared in 35 Movie and Television events dating back to 1998. It is rumored according to that Dita Von Teese will be in Christina’s latest film “ Burlesque” which is currently set to be released in 2011 (cannot wait!). Steve Antin is directing and Cher is playing “Tess” in this feature film…stay tuned for more!

After a couple of weeks of factual information we can submit a request for Media Credentials!!!


Guys I did my best to get information on the how to, Now I need everyone else’s help!
PLEASE promote this site! This is a better way to earn CREDIBILITY! Which is a major component to get Media Credentials. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Also Stay Tuned For our ONLINE RADIO SHOW! Which should be coming up within a couple of weeks! Its going to be something new and fresh...

'Christina Aguilera: By night' commercial should be coming out soon!


It's rumored on Wikipedia that the demo will be sent out to radio stations in September!!!

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  1. I believe in us. It's going to take time but like I said before. This is still in its early production stage, but even though the site has just been launched we have been getting back some amazing feedback.

    I can seriously say that we are going to be able to get this CREDENTIALS.