Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hello X-tina Lovers!

I want to introduce myself, I’m Aiden Valenciano, and I want to welcome you to “Christina’s BloG Spot” I along with Karlos, Joel & Josh will be giving you my honest opinion on what I think our Dirrty girl is doing. I am bilingual and will also be posting some blogs in Spanish. I look Forward to Hearing your thoughts and comments.

So Right now we don’t know much about what X-tina is Doing. But what I can say is that she is working on Something Great. With the new movie “Burlesque” about to start filming in November, she is probably preparing herself for the role (learning her lines etc...) She is probably taking classes to learn how to be a burlesque dancer, not everyone is born burlesque, she is probably also working out a lot. No junk food for her. Along with the New Album rumored to be released in November, you can also say that she is probably doing photo shoots for the album, planning the TOUR! Since it does take a more than year to plan a tour. She is going to come back with a BANG! It's going to blow everyone away. I personally don’t like the rumored album title “Light & Darkness,” it has no creativity like “Stripped” & “Back To Basics” those album titles were meaningful and full of creativity. Now don’t forget Christina is supposed to make a cameo appearance in “Get him to the Greek” which has just finished filming and will be released in April 2010. So stay tuned for the Movie Trailer that should be released within a month or so…PROJECT RUNWAY starts on August 20th, and as well Christina Aguilera Will be a guest judge this season. So watch the show and look for Christina. She’s going to be everywhere soon! Get Ready!


  1. Great post Aiden! Thanks for reminding us about 'Get him to the Greek' and 'Project Runway.' I nearly overlooked it with all this epic stuff about to happen. :)

  2. Great to see you at work Aiden!! Love it! With all of us working together this site is sure to be a hit!

  3. It's great to see all us getting to work on this soon to be HIT site. hahah

    Digging the post.