Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Christina Aguilera’s Wii Injury
Christina Aguilera has a nasty injury — and it’s all thanks to her Nintendo Wii!

The Genie in a Bottle hitmaker — who gave birth to son Max in January last year — is apparently nursing a bruised hand after playing the popular gaming console with her husband Jordan Bratman.

“Christina loves her Wii as a fun way to do a little work out,” a source said. “Now she’s a mother, it’s perfect for her."

“On this one occasion she and Jordan were in the middle of a particularly heated game of tennis and Christina came off a little worse for wear in a run-in with a table lamp. She has a bruised hand but is more upset that she lost the game!”

Meanwhile, Aguilera is to make a cameo appearance on the new series of US TV show Project Runway.

Source: ShowbizSpy

Editor's Note:
Guys this is crazy!! I have been playing the Wii tennis all weekend and even yesterday on my lunch break! Get this I made a mii character that looks like Christina!! It's Awesome that she loves the Wii, we have something in common!! =)

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