Friday, July 10, 2009


Hey everyone, well I had a long day at work, I got sunburned and now, I’m nice 'n toasty.
Probably going to stay in tonight and relax since I have to work in the morning AND I also have a meeting in the AM with someone I know… it involves Karlos, Joel, Josh and myself getting actual Journalist passes to cover stories on Christina of course.

Also I’m in the works of setting up our very own weekly online radio show, where the four of us will come together and gossip, play Christina music, and interact with other fans through chat.. But like I said its still in the works…so be patient. We have a lot of awesome things planned for this blogsite and we ask that you spread the word and tell other fans about this site!!!

Btw Burlesque starts Filming in November!!
But I want to know what your opinion is on Christina’s acting skills!
Can u imagine her acting? Give me feedback I want to know what u envision!

Do you think, Christina is the new Cher
Or Christina is just “CHRISTINA AGUILERA"

I want to share with ya’ll a video I made a couple of years ago, I hope you like it!

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