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Sia is the friend you never knew. Lexapro, butt sex, compulsively lying - she doesn't even know us, and we heard it all, oftentimes laced with thunderous bursts of shrill laughter. It's way cute.

Best known for "Breathe Me," the send-off song to the "Six Feet Under" series finale, the queer prog-pop Aussie's dropped three solo albums and a DVD - "TV is my Parent," released in May. One of her biggest fans happens to be one of the world's biggest stars: Christina Aguilera, who tapped Sia for a handful of collaborations on the "Dirrty" singer's upcoming album.

Sia's also wrapping up work on her own LP - "the best thing I've ever done," she gushes. Between recording sessions, the human energy drink told us about her take on being a "woman," having game night with Aguilera and how the hardest years of her life produced the happiest album of her career.

I know you've been super busy with the recording of this album, but also you were working with Christina Aguilera for a bit.

Yeah, hello!

A huge gay icon.

She's really fun. You would love her.

Yeah? I read a blog post that you wrote regarding what went on behind the scenes, like drinking milkshakes, grammar lessons -

And how I wanted to eat her child like corn on the cob (laughs). I still do.

Sounds like it must've been a fun recording experience.

It really was. It was so fun. She's a really nice person. I'm going over their house to have game night some time. It's gotta be an odd day, because now I'm trying to get fit so I've got a personal trainer. I'm in Hollywood now, recording the album with a personal trainer. It's hilarious.

You've hit the big time.

I'm really, really moving up in the world. So I'm going over (to Aguilera's) one night next week when I don't have to get up early with the personal trainer the next day, because she's a bit of a night owl, so I know it'll probably end up being a late one. She has Super Mario in her house. She has a game room that has arcade games in it and a pool table and stuff. I think when you're that famous, it becomes sort of a necessity. If you were gonna go on a fun excursion, if you're as famous as her, it's sort of impossible without the paparazzi or fans wanting your attention. In her case, it was a smart move to build a room in the house for that sort of thing (laughs).

I would totally have the same if I were famous.

Yeah, if I was that famous, and if I could afford it, I would build several restaurants in my house with different themes, and probably a dog park and a Pinkberry (Frozen Yogurt). Maybe a board game haven, with Taboo, Scrabble -

I love word games.

Are you on Facebook? Do you play Word Twist or Scrabblicious?

No, but I am on Facebook. I'll have to check those out.

Oh, it's so good. You should. You should challenge your friends to a game of Twirl or Scramble. You can play yourself - or you can play random people you don't know, but I think that's kind of like sleeping around.

I'd still do it.

I totally do it. I don't know why, but I do (laughs).

So the material that you wrote for her, is it happy or depressing?

It's a bit of both. It's kind of more ballad-y. There's one really beautiful kind of mid-tempo; I guess that's the one they're thinking might be a single. I have a couple of favorites, but my favorite is kind of like a lullaby. I don't remember what we're calling it now, but we wrote it for her son, and it's really beautiful.

Aw! Cute.

So beautiful. It's like classical music beautiful. And another one that's called "You Lost Me," which is very sad and awesome. It's my favorite thing to hear her sing since "Beautiful," just the way her voice is. It suits her voice so beautifully, and it's very simple in a way.

A lot of gay people, including myself, love "Beautiful."

Me too. That was why I nearly shat my pants when they called and said she wanted to work with me. I was like, "Ahhhhhh!" That's one of my favorite songs that anybody has ever wrote in the whole universe.
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