Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So with this new era looming ahead, about to burst upon the scene, one can't help but ponder what all is in store for us fans... I've input my thoughts on this new direction and have broken down the different elements of this new era into categories:
Hair Color: I had a vision that came to me one day that she'll be coming at us with jet black locks.
Hair Style: Wind blown hair, voluminous, choppy, textured.
Eye Shadow: This is where pops of color come in to play and include a palette of a huge range of choices that she'll switch it up for us.
Lip Color: So long Red Lips, hello White lipstick with black lip liner.
Clothing: Much more of an edgier punch to her wardrobe, dark with pops of color in accessories, etc.
Jewelry: Bulky pieces with arm bands, necklaces, all keeping up with her futuristic direction. Simplistic designs.
Set Designs: For performances, I believe Christina will be implementing more complex dance routines, while having elaborate, flashy stages with a futuristic, out of this world setting.
Persona: Xtinatron
I know it's probably difficult for you to see what I do, but nonetheless, this era will be her boldest yet. I think it's going to be the Stripped Era blasted into the future. I think the music will include similar genres that Stripped had, but with synthesizers and an electronica edge.


  1. Oh my this is very interesting.
    I would love to see her with white lipstick and black lip liner.

    I just seriously can't wait for this to just come into play.


  2. Your ideas are cool Joel..not what I was thinking but def interesting...excited to see just what she does!

  3. white lipstick with black lip liner... i dunno if chola lips are futuristic... but it would be funny.... i rocked that in middle school. my dad said it looked like I was sucking on a poopsicle...