Friday, July 24, 2009


The time on the road also helped MEN progress, she said. “[Playing a lot live] helps us to change the songs, feel what works or what doesn’t.”

The touring has also brought JD back to her roots. After doing bigger bus tours with Le Tigre and even working with pop star Aguilera, being in the van keeps her grounded.

“It’s different and it’s all the same,” she said. “It’s just the three of us driving in the rain. It’s really humbling and nice for me to go back to this. I totally started to miss this way of touring, being in control of your own s--t. It’s fun and I’m glad I get a chance to do that again.”

Though JD has been busy with MEN, the Aguilera collaboration was an exciting opportunity for her and the rest of Le Tigre to do some work together again, thanks to JD’s girlfriend and former Zero 7 singer, Sia, who had been working with Aguilera in L.A. when she mentioned Le Tigre.

“Sia worked with Christina before we did, she just reminded her that Le Tigre existed and [Aguilera] was like ‘I love them…that’s perfect, that’s exactly what I want,’” JD said. “I have to thank Sia for that.”

Aguilera’s album Light & Darkness also features collaborations with Goldfrapp and Ladytron and is due out in September. While many fans were excited by the prospect of Le Tigre playing together again, the band does not have plans for recording a new album in the near future.

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